Fukuoka (Yanagawa) Kimono Walk

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Fukuoka (Yanagawa) Kimono Walk

Back in April, a fellow French blogger and friend came to visit me in Fukuoka and we went to Yanagawa to see the famous Sagemon festival. Of course we were wearing kimono ! Here is a short post about our journey in southern Fukuoka.

Our kimonos

Joranne's choice

Joranne's choice was an epic moment ! The two that she had spotted in the catalog were unavailable and her 3rd choice wasn't available for rent neither. It was only after 5 attempts that she was able to find one. Even if it was not her first choice, I found that this red kimono with purple and pink flower pattern suited her very well. With her black obi and her raised hair, she looked like a real grown up.

My choice

As for me the kimono I liked was available. I wanted a light colored one with some pink pattern so this one meet my expectation. But I didn't saw the little hearts on it and I wasn't sure if I liked them or not but it turned out cute and different from what I used to pick.
For a really cute look I choose an obi with cats on it.


Sagemon festival

Sagemon festival is like a huge Hina matsuri since it lasts from mid-February to early April each year.

During this period, the whole city is decorated with thousands of dolls on their display and surrounded by sagemon.
Sagemon is a term that refers to "vertical" decorations, which is typical from Yanagawa. Seven threads are suspended on a square or round shapped base and 7 fabric decorations are tied on each of them: animals (especially rabbits and cranes), small dolls and yanagawa-mari (balls made of colored fabrics and threads). The sagemon decorations are hung on the ceiling on both sides of the dolls.
During the festival, visitors can also watch the parades on boats, which are also richly decorated with dolls and sagemon.

Our stroll

It was the first time I wore a kimono in Yanagawa and I found that the city had a perfect atmosphere for a day in this outfit, with all those old buildings, small tatami shops and many temples and shrines.

After our boat tour, we strolled around the city, first visiting the Ohana Residence, surely the most famous place to watch dolls and sagemon. Indeed, we weren't disappointed! The entrance fee was maybe around 500 yens but it was well worth the price as it was stunning.
Then we had lunch at a local fish shop and we walked randomly around the city, a little,taking pictures everywhere.
We spend a beautiful day.

Girls in kimono, Yanagawa

Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Blogger in kimono, Yanagawa

French bloggers in kimono, Yanagawa

Sagemon at Ohana residence, Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Sagemon at Ohana residence, Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Yanagawa-mari, Fukuoka
French bloggers in kimono, Yanagawa

Joranne, kimono, Yanagawa

Sagemon, Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Fukuoka (Yanagawa) Kimono Walk

Ohana residence, Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Fukuoka (Yanagawa) Kimono Walk

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