My daily life in Fukuoka #16

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Kyushu Article Contest prize ceremony
Kyushu Article Contest prize ceremony

The end of the fiscal year was really intensive ! We got a lot to do at work, my friend Joranne went to Fukuoka and I was busy going to hanami. Nopw it's time to be back updating this blog. Head full of pink and flowers, it was difficult to write but I managed to do a little summary of my March in Fukuoka.

Monitor Tour

The first weekend of March, I went to a monitori tour in Saga and nagasaki prefecture. The tour theme was Hizen Pottery Zone. All I can say is that it was very interesting and well organized. If you want to find out what I did, please read the article I wrote for the lcoal English magazine Fukuoka NOW : Discovering Hizen Pottery in Kyushu. My English skills aren't really strong but it was really interesting to write something as it was one of my dream.

Kyushu Article Contest

Kyushu Tourism Supporter

The day after the tour, I had the Kyushu Article Contest prize ceremony. This year I wasn't invited by work but as myself as I managed to got the bronze award for my article about Kurokawa onsen !
I arrived early so I could calm down and practice to read my speech. We got our award and prizes in front of a lot of Kyushu officials and journalists. There were also 2 people of my company so I was really embarrased (I can speak in front of unknown people but in front of known people is something really difficult for me).
After the ceremony we had a question session with journalists and a buffet so I could trad  my business card with various people.
Along with prizes and certificate, I was also appointed "Kyushu Tourism Supporter".I'm really proud of it even if it's just something I can write down on SNS, blog and business cards.
Next year, if there zill be a contest I want to try to get gold !

Video for Fukuoka city

Shooting for Fukuoka city at a sushi shop
Shooting for Fukuoka city at a sushi shop

After the ceremony, I had to hurry to go to nakasu area where I had the last shooting for a video my company is making for Fukuoka City.
I don't know if I can talk about it as it isn't released yet but I can say it is a video toward foreign visitors.
After winning the bidding, I was asked to think about a brand new concept and my idea was loved by the city hall! I was able to write the first version of the script before a pro succeeds me. I wish I could it only by myself but I had to do my usual design works so it was too difficult to manage both and I had to be helped.
I also was lucky to be chosen to be the main part of the video ... which was more complicated than I thought because I am not an actress and it was impossible to change a single coma in the text. If I was allowed to speak naturally I'm sure I would be better but it remains a very good experience.
I don't know yet where ther video will be shown or even if it will be on YouTube.

Sunday walk at Atago Shrine

View of Fukuoka from Atago shrine
View of Fukuoka from Atago shrine

I went to Atago shrine for the first time in 2 years maybe.On a Sunday all I wanted is to see Fukuoka from the top and Atago shrine is the perfect palce for that as there is a a panorama over Fukuoka and the bay. It is also one of the best places to have a nice night view of the city
 I had taken my goshuin notebook but I met an acquaintance on the way and we chatted for like half hour and when I reached the shrine it was already close. I have to go back.
In the evening Daisuke and I we went to dinner at Hirao, the famous (and best) tempura restaurant in Fukuoka. It was going to be our last dinner there because  the building is going to be demolished... Fortunately a new restaurant will open in Daimyo in the coming months !!!! So happy news !!

Interviewed !

Fukuoka Iju Keikaku (Fukuoka Immigration Project) offered me to be featured on their very famous website so I was interviewed.
This Project is all about talking and doing interviews of people living in Fukuoka to encourage new people to come here. I read their website for years now so it was an honor to be contacted and to see that the article was really loved (675 like !!).
My interview is available here (in Japanese): ひとめぼれ移住から5年。住みやすいま ち「福岡」最大の魅力は、受け入れてくれるまちの人。 

Fukuoka Ramen Contest

Fukuoka Sukajan

In February, Fukuoka Prefecture set up an international campaign for ramen lovers. The goal was to post on Instagram a photo of ramens or a place of Fukuoka with an hashtag (#fukuoka_tonkotsu) to win prizes.
The campaign wasn't very known among French people despite pro;otion. I think the prized were not liked..
There were Fukuoka t-shirts, jackets and traditional jackets. When I applied, I secretly hoped to win the jacket and ... I won it !!
I was really happy because even if it's not my style at all, Ifelt in love with it as I saw it. And since it's a really popular fashion itme this spring, it's perfect.
I was asked several times where to buy it for those who are in Japan and who would be interested to buy this jacket,here you are: Fukuoka Sukajan par Local T-shirts . For those who would be more interested in jackets available for worldwide, my fellow blogger friend Kaila owns a sukajan shop: Japan Lover Me Store.

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