FukuoSnaps #0 - Momochihama

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Popular character Sazae-san & Fukuoka Tower
Popular character Sazae-san & Fukuoka Tower/td>

If you walk around Fukuoka, there are great chances that you come across me and my camera.
Indeed, I walk around 10km very weekend in the city and I have a lot to share. As I strongly want to introduce Fukuoka more and more to the people all over the world, I decided to create the "FukuoSnap" project.

The little things that make me happy #3

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In this article series, I show 7 little pleasure of my daily life in Japan.

When hotel have a librairy corner

Sansui hotel, Ureshino onsen, Saga
Sansui hotel, Ureshino onsen, Saga