Should a passion must remain a passion ?

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This is what I have been asking myself for a few weeks. Last year when I was thinking of 2017, I had real ambitions and a dream: stopping full-time webdesign and make my passion my job. Since then, and after having slightly revised this project down, I am completely lost. Should a passion remain passion?

How it started

J-blogger since 2011, specialized in Fukuoka and Kyushu since my arrival in Japan in 2012, I spent the last 4 years introducing and promoting different places in Fukuoka on this blog and sns, informing travelers, creating things and so on. It's something I love doing. I can spend all my free time without being tired for a second and this passion has really changed my life. And frankly when I see how much the image of Fukuoka has changed among the French people in just 4 years, it's just incredible and rewarding. When I started people where like "Fuku-what? Fukushima? ".

For about 18 months, many things have begun to make me think to various things. For example, I am more and more regularly asked how much I earn to do all my activities and you can't imagine people's faces when I say "not a penny" (just a parenthesis on this subject. Not earning money on th blog is something that I decided very early: I would never charge any of my content. I don't judge those who can live on blogging of course but this is not something I can think of).

Also, there are all those words, by e-mail from readers or irlby tourism of Fukuoka specialists. Everything I'm told is so warm and nice that I always wonder why. I mean, I'm just writing articles and posting pictures on Instagram or Twitter, that's pretty all. But it gives me great pleasure and some e-mails touched me so much, that I printed and sticked them to the wall, for the days when I feel down. I especially remember an e-mail from a French woman who asked me a lot of questions for a future travel in Fukuoka. She basically told me that she was so happy about my answers and that I did better than the tourism information centers she contacted first. Wow.

Gradually my brain were thinking more and more and one day I just woke up thinking "Well, why don't you make your love for Fukuoka your job ?" After all that would be a kind of accomplishment, a reward, the icing on the cak or the wasabi on sushi (*badum tss*).

The reasons of why it's blocking

What should I do?

This is the most complicated point. I want so much to try a lot of different things that I absolutely don't know what to do or where to search. For the reason cited above, living on blogging is excluded. I would rather work somewhere that is well separated from this blog even if it can be brought me advantages for work and vice versa. I want to inform travelers, guide, produce web content and print useful to tourists, and to promote Fukuoka mainly to French / European, among some others things. Wow, that's a lot!
Does such a work exist? I don't think so or if it is I didn't find it yet. I like very much what Louise Dendy, a British woman living in Kobe. She does some really interesting things, I'm thinking about the Kobe PR Ambassador in particular. This is a selection of non-Japanese Kobe residents who love their city and who share their experiences on social networks. I wrote the respective links at the bottom of the article.

"Bene does what she want"

It's exactly what it's written in my kindergarten notebook (which was use in case of teachers have to say something to parents). Twenty years later I realized that the teacher was right. I am this kind of people who are fully embarking on something they love. I need to be totally involved, to the point of getting up in the middle of the night if something is not "perfect" and I thinks about it so much that I can't sleep. I hate to delegate and am quite independent. I don't know if I can being call a perfectionist or just a little crazy person haha.

For things I don't like? Either I manage to avoid them (hehe), or, I confess, I tend slightly to botch. Oops.

The benefit of being a blogger

When I thought about all of this, I started wondering if making my passion my job was such a good idea.
Staying a blogger while having a little different job aside (should I write that I work for a web agency specialized in tourism ?) allows me a freedom not negligible : I can refuse what I don't want to do or being really active when I want or create things my way, without constraints and fearing that the client would make me change everything. Also, wouldn't I get tired of doing the same thing at work and at home? I really don't  want to lose that passion...

There is also the problem of credibility. I don't  know if it is typically French or not but it is not uncommon to see critics when companies respond on forums or when a blogger posts a sponsored article (or video). People often feels forced to mention that even it's sponsorized they keep their freedom to say things.
No I am not paranoid: I have already been accused of not being objective, for example when I was a correspondent for the Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association back in 2015 (where I was only posting my articles on their Facebook page eh).

I  ♡ my agency

One last thing: I love the web agency where I work.  I can not only do web design but also various things.  I have my friends there too and the atmosphere is nice despite ups and downs. As for now I'm not sure I want to leave it. As we say in France , we know what we are leaving but we don't know where we go. And I don't want to fail. Fortunately my boss is rather nice and takes back former employees without problems.

So here where I stand now.
I was hoping that this article would allow me to see everything more clearly and take a decision but I'm just as much as confused I was before.
I think I'll continue my current work for some time, develop my 3 blogs and take the time to think again properly of all of this. Maybe I should take advices too.
And then one day if I have the opportunity and residency status that goes with ... I'll change.

Finally when a passion remains a passion it is maybe good too.

Useful words

Shumi (趣味) : passion
Tenshoku suru (転職する) : changing work
Ketsui (決意) : decision
Mayou (迷う) : to hesitate
Fukuzatsu (複雑) : Difficult


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