My list of dreams (bucket list)

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I 'm a great dreamer and this since my childhood.
I'm always thinking about a lot of things so I almost never get bored and so staying alone has never been a problem for me. Sometimes I think so hard that I don't hear people voice haha.

Well,  I always have a lot dreams in my head. Until now they were either stored in a corner of my head or written in a messy way in various documents on my computer. But it was before I discovered the bucket list.

My list of dreams, bucket list about Japan

A bucket list is supposed to be a list listing all the things a person wishes to do before they die.

Well, I don't like to think about my death so I prefer to call it "my list of dreams". If I started to wrote it, it's because I want all my dreams listed to become true.
In fact, building your bucket list allows you to think about what you really like and define your very own life goals. The dreamer that I am adore this idea. So I started writing this list and it was more difficult than I thought!
I didn't want to write crazy or unrealistic things because I think there are dreams that must remain dreams (as for me it would be travel to space, for example). In fact, I just defined my dreams and objectives more or less achievable in the short, medium or long term. The list gradually became longer.

I didn't know if I wanted to make it public because there may be some very personal things, but I thought that this could only be beneficial to some and perhaps encourage you to do yours !

So here is my list of dreams. Order doesn't have a special meaning.
Of course everything or so is related to Japan and it surely will evolve.






・Fukuoka city, again and again
・Ureshino onsen
・Saga city
・99 islands
・Usa shrine
・Kunisaki peninsula




Outside Kyushu

・Aso city (+ volcano) & Minami Aso city
・Kurokawa onsen (again)
・Nichinan & Obi
・Takachiho (again)
・Amami-Oshima & shouthern islands
・Miyakojima again and again


· Round trip around Kyushu;
· Visit a tea plantation;
· Stay in one of the houses of the Dream Zone of Aso Farm Land and enjoy the activities a whole it day;
· Become a Fukuoka ambassador;
· Cycling on Nichinan Road;
· See a rocket take off at the Tanegashima Space Center;
· Try on a Heian outfit (junihitoe) for a photo shoot;
· Participate in a guided tour of Fukuoka with Hakata guides;
· Climb to the summit of Kaimondake;
· Painting on Arita porcelain;
· Attend the recording of Monday's Late Show Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi tv show;
· Create my own guidebook and have it published;
· Go to see a Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks game;
· Learn to become a ninja at the Hizenyumekaidou Ninja Village ;
· Be a model for a special page of the Kumanago site;
· Pass the highest level of Fukuoka Keiken (Fukuoka exam);
· Be able to go into a train driver's cab;
· See the Milky Way;
· Visit an observatory and look in a real telescope;
 · Eat live cuttlefish;

On a personnal side

· Speak the local dialect (Hakata-ben) fluently;
· Stop being a full time web art director and work for Fukuoka promotion and inbound;
· Improve my photography skills;
· Acquire a small traditional Japanese house;
· Start dance lessons again;
·Give a lecture;
· Try contact lenses;
· Write an article for a newspaper about Japan;
· Learn to film with a drone;
 Becoming a reporter for a program on Japan;
· Go to France for 2 weeks and show my country to Daisuke;
· Organize an exhibition about Fukuoka and / or Kyushu in France;
· Create my own pattern for a yukata and have it made;
· Stop biting my nails;
· Stay in Fukuoka forever;

Do you have a list of dreams ?

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