[Kyushu food] Dago-jiru receipe

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have you ever heard about dago-jiru? It is a delicious soup from Kumamoto - Oita area. Think about a classic miso soup, remove the tofu, add plenty of vegetables and some delicious raviolis and you have a dago-jiru.

Dago-jiru, Kumqmoto speciality

It's a recipe that I love since my very first trip to Kyushu trip  in 2011. Back there, my friends took me to eat Beppu's variant (in Oita this dish is called "dango-jiru") and I loved it so much that I was desesperate to not be able to eat it once again (I already went to Kumamoto and my next stop wa Miyazaki and kagoshima before getting back to France).

I rediscovered dago-jiru last month by going to Kurokawa onsen and since there isn't a week without my dago-jiru bowl. It's a perfect soup for autumn and it has become the dish that I make when I'm lazy and don't want to cook too much because it's so hyper easy to prepare.
I'm the kind of people to fall in love with a dish, eat it numerous times for weeks, get tired and move on to something else haha.

At the moment I am thoroughly into dago-jiru and I thought that, as it was a quite easy recipe to prepare outside Japan it would be nice to introduce it my followers.

Like any regional and family dish, there are hundreds of variations so here is a basic recipe that you can adapt to your taste.

Dago-jiru receipe

Preparation : 25 minutes | Difficulty : easy


All ingredients can be found in Japanese / Asian grocery stores. I haven't indicated the quantities expressly, because it really depend to taste and appetite of each one. For miso, think about one tablespoon per bowl.

For the raviolis (pour two people)
- 100g of weat floor
 - 60mlof water

Pour la soupe
- granulated dashi
- miso paste
- chicken breast
- white radish or lotus root
- taro
- burdock root
- carrots
- shiitakes
- chopped green onions

How to prepare


Mix the flour and water to create a paste and then shape it as you want : according to the region the ravioli can be made like a big ravioli, long and flattened like tagliatelle pasta or short and flattened. You can also not give them shape at all and pour the dough little by little in the broth with a spoon as I do.


・Peel the taro, cut into bite-size pieces and cook it in a large saucepan of water until it becomes tender.

・Meanwhile, cut the chicken and the rest of the vegetables previously peeled into bite-sized pieces, except the burdock root. Burdock have to be cut into strips (a bit like peelings, you can use a bursar for that matter).

・Make a broth with the dashi by mixing the granules with water and cook it for one minute. Then add the vegetables and chicken (※). Cook until vegetables become tender. ※ You can also cook the chicken in a pan with some sesame oil beforehand, it would be even tastier.

・Lower the heat and add some of the miso. Add the ravioli and cook for a few minutes on low heat (do not let boil the soup after miso was added !).

・Once the raviolis are cooked, cut off the fire. Add the rest of the miso paste then a filet of sesame oil. Serve warm in bowls and sprinkle with chopped green onions on the soup for a colorful point.

What goes well with dago-jiru ?

This soup being quite complete so I tend to eat it with just a bowl of rice andsome hijiki (small black seeweeds). You can also serve chicken rice (cook the chicken with the rice in a rice cooker with a cube broth) which goes very well but in this case I recommend to not put chicken into the soup.

I would be happy to know if you tried the recipe and how you customized it. Let me know in the comments ! For a next time, is there a dish from Kyushu that you want me to introduce ?

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