Ichi-go ichi-e

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This article was a request from the Japanese airline ANA.

Last month, I received an email from ANA which offered me to write a sponsorised article about "ichi-go ichi-e" and Japanese food culture. The deal was to share a video on my blog and write my feelings about it while talking about food culture in Japan. As ANA is a company that I like very much and the idea appealed to me, I immediately accepted.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #11 - Momiji Hachimangu

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November in Fukuoka means momiji and koyo season (momiji = red maple leaves, koyo = leaves changing colors in autumn).
What would have been more perfect than going to the Momiji Hachimangu shrine in Fukuoka ?

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #11 - Momiji Hachimangu
Fukuoka Kimono Walk #11 - Momiji Hachimangu

[Kyushu food] Dago-jiru receipe

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have you ever heard about dago-jiru? It is a delicious soup from Kumamoto - Oita area. Think about a classic miso soup, remove the tofu, add plenty of vegetables and some delicious raviolis and you have a dago-jiru.

Dago-jiru, Kumqmoto speciality

My list of dreams (bucket list)

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I 'm a great dreamer and this since my childhood.
I'm always thinking about a lot of things so I almost never get bored and so staying alone has never been a problem for me. Sometimes I think so hard that I don't hear people voice haha.

Well,  I always have a lot dreams in my head. Until now they were either stored in a corner of my head or written in a messy way in various documents on my computer. But it was before I discovered the bucket list.

My list of dreams, bucket list about Japan

My daily life in Fukuoka #15

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October is my favorite month in the year and I planned to go to take lots of pictures but surprisingly I haven't done much this month. Well, to be exact, everything I did was written down here so I have almost nothing to talk about.

Cosmos field, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #10

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After two months, I'm back with a new number of my Fukuoka Kimono Walk project. And yes I'm also back on Blogger because WP multilingual SEO really sucks and both English and Japanese blogs weren't well referenced on Google anymore so...

But I'm not writing a SEO guide article but a FKW one so let me introduce you October's pictures that I took in a lovely Japanese garden in center Fukuoka : Rakusuien.
Fukuoka Kimono Walk
Fukuoka Kimono Walk