My daily life in Japan #11

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Before making up to June and the rainy season (which haven't begun yet in Fukuoka ), back on the fifth month of the year between a nice trip to Okinawa, a less nice bronchitis, painting on fish and vlog updates !

Facing the amazing Higashi Hennazaki cap
Facing the amazing Higashi Hennazaki cap

Friends I made in Miyakojima
Friends I made in Miyakojima
Miyako soba
Some delicious Miyako-soba. I eat that dish everyday when I'm in Miyako.
Marine Garden, Miyakojima
Marin Garden
Sunayama beach, Miyakojima
Sunayama beach
Squid ink pasta
Squid ink pasta
During Golden Week , I escaped from Fukuoka to go to Miyakojima. I planned to go with Daisuke, but the couldn't take days off so he joined me the last day. At the beginning I was sad to the idea of ​​going alone and wanted to postpone my departure too but Daisuke persuaded me to go on the scheduled day and enjoy it thoroughly. That's what I did and my god I don'tregret it !!
Unlike last year, I manage to reserve early enough to be able to stay in my favorite guesthouse: Hanahana and I met a lot of people ! First of all : the staff. There was no staff on my last stay back in 2011 and now as the manager and his (ex) wife no longer live there, it'sthem who bring the atmosphere. Far from the cold and uninterested staff of the guesthouse I stayed last year, Hanahana's helpers  are open, friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the island and greet each new arrival.
Also, what is nice at Hanahana is that half of the customers are regulars and come back for the love of Miyako and the guesthouse so we understand each others very well. This time I made many friends and until the arrival of Daisuke I spent all my time with them. As I went last year to Miyako and I start to know the island very well , I didn't have plans or places I wanted to go in particular so I just went where my friends wanted and guided them  bit. It was really nice.  I never tire of Miyako, it's like my 2nd home in Japan. I'm already planning my next trip which will be for the new year !

Guesthouse Hanahana, Miyakojima
Studious girls
Guesthouse Hanahana, Miyakojima
Almost all of my friends are on this pic (Daisuke is even here too)
Guesthouse Hanahana, Miyakojima
We made to the beach ! 
The day next I came back to Fukuoka, I started having high fever. Usually I'm not someone who has a fever so I was surprised to see 38.2 is displayed on the thermometer. Result: a beautiful bronchitis that lasted and lasted! I cough again and it's been a month that I've contracted it... Despite medication, fever didn't dropped below 37.8 for a week! I was exhausted, I had to miss work and I couldn't stay in front of my computer. I couldn't write my articles and as most comments on my French blog fell suddenly, I was a bit depressed ... fortunately shortly. My viewers are awsome. A lot of people sent me message to cheer me up. A a few hours later I was determined to persevere even more (and heal quickly too).
Oh, also a little advice for those who have a fever in Japan: here, there are cold strips to stick on the forehead called "hie pita" (冷えピタ). Be careful not to over use them because otherwise you'll probably get buttons on your forehead for a few days ... as I had.

The small advantage of fever and staying home is that Daisuke cooked every night and he even got home after the end of his work and the beginning of his nomikai (party with co-workers) to cook me something. Yes he's Japanese!
Hee also bought me  Animal Crossing on Wii ! I dreamed to play again for such a long time. I spent a bunch of time in front of the game. In fact, I tried to import the data from my DS game but it didn't work. Is this a conflict between countries (the Wii U and game are Japanese as my DS and game are French) ?

Gyotaku, Fukuoka City Museum
Yes I'm painting on a fish
Gyotaku, Fukuoka City Museum

Gyotaku, Fukuoka City Museum
Someone helped me for the eye
By mid-month, I was invited by Fukuoka City Museum to participate in a  gyotaku (魚拓) workshop. It is a Japanese ancestral art about printing on ... fish! If I knew the name I had no idea how it was done. I foolishly thought I would reproduce the fish with crayons but that wasn't thatat all! Gyotaku is alla about painting on a dead fish and then press a sheet against so that colors are printed on the paper. It was a bit strange but entertaining and informative and I loved it. Also, museum people were lovely, even offering me invitations for the Secret Witches exhibition ! This is where I took the picture below.
Otherwise in May I had several appointments for projects about Kyushu and Fukuoka but as usual, I would speak when the time comes. As for my Fukuoka tourism paper ? I didn't really do anything this month. Bronchitis didn't help, really.

Secret Witches Exhebition, Fukuoka City Museum
Secret Witches Exhebition, Fukuoka City Museum
You've surely heard about the story of the Japanese idol who got stabbed by a fan. I had seen the info on a French news website  but I didn't clicked to read the article. But I saw something about it on Japanese news. What I saw disgusted me. Let me explain.
I was a fan of Japanese idols since 2004. I supported a collective called Hello! Project, initially far from France and then from the time I arrived in Fukuoka until the end of 2013 I was part of a group of fans and met lots of people. For a year I scoured them with concerts, live shows, handshakes and photo shoots events and then I suddenly realized that it was a waste of money and I had stopped to attend everything. All that to say that I know this world very well.
Seeing the report, I suddenly opened my eyes to these people and realized that many of my old friends were creepy. Back at that time, I was amused by those creepy fans so thoroughly in their passion but now I find it really creepy. I know that all the fans are not hardcore and thankfully but I can't help that I have a deep feeling of rejection that I can not explain ... In any case , it does not mean that I despise their passion huh. It's just a world with which I don't want to be related to again.

I posted two videos on YouTube!
I started to be serious about it. First, I decided to change the concept. Rather than making videos in Japanese, I choose to use to the French (which is logical, since 85% of my viewers and readers French) and I will vlog about various things : I would continue to make videos of my visits in Fukuoka and Kyushu but I would vlog about daily life like the one I posted in this article that talks about takoyaki. Regarding the frequency of the video, I plan to make 3 videos per month which is enought to be considered as active and let me time to work on my blog which is my priority.  I got to make a real schedule for the coming weeks (as I do for the blog actually) like that I know when, how, where and what to shoot.

The reasons for these changes? I didn't like (anymore) what I did. I liked to think about the videos and write the storyboard but at the time of filming it wasn't fun at all. Another reason , I started to like vlogs (finally !!) through a French friend who started videos. Thanks to her, I became interested in the lifestyle videos, tastings ones and so on and I thought why not me? I made a try, I liked it, the feedback has been very positive so I will continue. I'm glad to get into the world of French YouTubers in Japan because we are really few !

I invite you to watch what is probably my last full-Japanese vlog :  Une journée à Yufuin | 由布院の日帰り旅 [Vlog en japonais]