My favorite Japan-related Youtubers

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For several weeks I watch more and more videos on YouTube.
Generally I launch videos as bgm while working and I'll watch once again properly back at home. Everything I watch is Japan-related and I found a lot of interesting channels. Here is a selection of my favorite (and currently active) ones, and hope it makes you discover new things.
Sorry there are half of them which are in French.

My favorite Japan-related Youtubers

Fran et Laura - Vlogs au Japon

Category : vlog | Language : French | YouTube channel

Fran and Laura are one of the reference when it comes to French youtubers living in Japan. They make vlogs on various topics either everyday life or trips inside Japan or dicoveries in their living place (Kansai). I like it because it's not just video of them talking to the camera. And Laura is adorable ( I don't know Fran) !


Category :  vlog, kawaii, creative | Language : / | YouTube channel

Kaila is one of the creators of the famous Japan Lover Me website. She is from the Philippines, lives in Tokyo and loves everything kawaii. I love her videos which are simple and without talking for most of them. Moreover, she is the person who inspired me for my Dazaifu video. Recently, she started making videos about her  Hobonichi and it's adorable and a real source of inspiration (thanks to her I will also start my own). Hopefully I will meet her next month, can't wait!

Pioupiou TV

Category : beauty, kawaii, lifestyle | Language : French | YouTube channel

Lovely Alicia who I dream to meet, is a French fellow web designer who loves kawaii stuff. She is making ​​videos about nail art, her purchases of Japanese products and so on. It is varied and sometimes long (in the sense that people must have some time to watch, not that it's boring ) but I love her channel because she is super natural and have a beautiful way of talking. Thanks to her I started to get interested in vlogs.

Ichiban Japan

Category : travels in Japan | Language : French | YouTube channel

"Guigui" is one of the most popular French Youtuber about Japan. To be honest I had never watched his videos until he posted one about Kyushu that I liked very much. Since I have watched them all.
Also he is a very nice guy.


Category : vlog, Fukuoka et Kyushu | Language : English and sometimes Japanese | Youtube channel

Micaela is the first one who made vlogs from and about Fukuoka and Kyushu. Her videos are interesting, well-shoot and with beautiful images. In addition she is nice and speaks about Fukuoka and Kyushu so I can't ask for more ! Like all English YouTubers I follow (I suck at English) I don't watch all her videos, I generally skip those where she is mostly talking to camera.


Category : vlog, travels in Japan | Language : English | Youtube channel

Another English-speaking YouTuber, Kimdao lives in Tokyo. She has two channels but I follow only this one since in her 2nd one she mostly talks about beauty. I like her universe.


Catgory : vlog  | Language : French| YouTube channel

The latest channel I got into. As for now, I don't look at all her video since she really makes a lot of taking to the camera one and there are some topics I'm not interested in but I like her way of speaking and she's rather interesting.

Kan & Aki's CHANNEL

Category : family daily life  | Language : Japanese | YouTube channel

4 children family living in Kumamoto. The children are well raised (unlike many other Japanese families on YouTube), funny and super cute. The videos are dynamic, very fun to watch and it helps to delve into the daily life of a Japanese family. They have 3 channels (the one I mentioned is the mother's one but I love them all) and we find product testing, travel videos, vlogs daily life and so on.

Béné no Fukuoka !

Category : vlog, Fukuoka et Kyushu  | Language : French and sometimes Japanese | YouTube channel 

What a nice pretext to promote my latest video! Yeah it's not like I'm watching my own things and love what I do but a little advertising is always good !

You may have noticed but in general I like girls YouTubers more than their boys. Generally I don't particularly like their universe and I find them quite boring. Anyway, I'm always looking for new channels about Japa  so feel free to send me your favorite ones ! 

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