My Japanese madeleine de Proust

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Like everyone else I have tastes, smells or sounds that revive in me some special memories.
Recently, I realized that I also had these things in my Japan life and it's reassuring.
Here are some of my most precious Japanese madeleine de Proust !

"Madeleine de Proust" or Proust’s "sponge cake"  is a French fairly common expression. It refers to a passage in one of Marcel Proust’s (famous writter) books where he talks about how eating a madeleine brings him childhood memories. Learn in details about this expression here.

Melon pan
A delicious melon pan from the bakery near my working place

Melon pan's taste

I can't remember when I ate my first melon pan (メロンパン), this delicious bread with a sweet crust on the top. Was it during my first trip or maybe during the second ? No idea. However, every time I bite into the bread, it reminds me of my very first trips to Japan. For me this is THE quintessential taste of Japan and it is thanks to it that I had the idea of ​​this short article.

The rain

My very first stay in Japan was under water : it rained almost all the time. Since, each rainy day in Japan brings me back to April 2006's atmosphere when we visited such places as Kyoto with an umbrella and I loved it. That's why I lovewhen it's raining when I visit a shrine or temple in Japan and I'm happy about the rainy season to come  (who said I'm weird ?) .

Trains' melodies

Having taken the train daily dice my second stay, trains sounds always bringing me a whiff of nostalgia. Two in particular are precious to me : the closing doors sound and the Takadanobaba Station's melody on the Yamanote Line in Toyko because I went down to that station to go to school. Besides, I had all the Yamanote melodies in my iPod for years.

Fried eggs topped with black pepper

It was the breakfast I ate daily throughout the month I spent in a host family back in sumemr 2007. This family wasn't friendly and I don't have great memories with them but this taste is special to me. I didn't like pepper and I still don't like it so much but if it's with fried eggs it taste delicious.

Summer nights

Still something that takes me back in July - August 2007, during my second trip.I was with a friend in this host family and we loved going out at night (it's not too difficult because it was dark at 20pm) after dinner and spending time at the small park near the house. The heat and wetness and the sounds of the night greatly influenced me even if I hate Japanese summers.

Peach's smell

I discovered in Japan peach flavored drinks and products. It instantly became a favorite of mine not only the taste but also the smell. Each morning I used to buy my peach juice can and delighted me with  its delicate fragrance and taste. I'm the type of girl  to love a product, eat/drink it a lot, get tired and not touch it anymore but this one is different. When I feel down I love smelling peach to give me energy.

While writing this article, I noticed that most of my madeleine de Proust aren't really things that remind me my very first trip to Japan but my second. Maybe it's because the first one was a tour and I was just with French while in the second I was in total immersion ?
Anyway I still have fun to remember this feelings. Although I realized the dream 10 years ago myself and it's been 4 years that I live full time in Japan, I'm still excited remembering these memories, as if I'd lived in France and that I still had never been in Japan actually. Funny feeling .

And you, do you have some things that have a special meaning to you?

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