A spring afternoon in Fukuyoshi

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That day was the last day in Fukuoka for my mother. I planned to take her on the island of Nokonoshima for cherry trees and especially the giant rapeseed field. Arrived on the pier there was so many people for the ferry as it would have taken more than an hour before boarding so we gave up . I didn't expect so many people ! Even in the cosmos season there is no queue for the ferry.  Luckily I had a plan B.

Fukuyoshi station
Fukuyoshi station
A few days before, I had spotted on Instagram (this app is great) a nice rapeseed field with the train passing just in front of it making everything really photogenic. This was near the Fukuyoshi station which is a small village which is now part of Itoshima city in the far west of Fukuoka. Just there :

Fukuoka map

Ride the train one hour to see a train pass at the foot of a rapeseed field ? It is true that this may seem incongruous. My mother even called it Benedicte's good ideas but it was that or going again for a walk k in the center of Fukuoka and I wanted to go to the countryside.

I love JR Chikuhi line. It connects the stations of Meinohama in west Fukuoka to Karatsu in Saga prefecture. It is a rather slow line (there are almost only local trains) but it get through beautiful landscapes and there is even a part which runs along the sea. We got off to Fukuyoshi under the stunned eyes of locals who wereprobably wondering what two strangers would do in that area.

From the first minutes out of the station I knew the place would please me : we went along the train line while watching our watch to photograph the train at the right time and then moved onto a small country road to the field. If I was completely in my element (I love countryside) my mother remained skeptical about the interest of the output haha.

Fukuyoshi in Itoshima, Fukuoka

Fukuyoshi in Itoshima, Fukuoka
I don't know why there was little torii everywhere
And she was even more septikal when she saw the size of the field ... and I must say that I was too. It was much smaller than it appeared on Instagram and I was a little disappointed. However, rapeseed was brightly yellow and ... fragrant ! And when the train arrived, it's true that it made the place much nicer. The field is located in the front of a local produce shop called Fuku Fuku no Sato (福ふくの里) and they had installed a sort of bridge that brought people on a slightly elevated platform above the flowers. The "visit" didn't take more than 10 minutes but I wanted to wait for the passage of another train so we went in the store. There, I found black rice as we had eaten in Takachiho few days earlier !

Rapeseed Fukuyoshi

Rapeseed Fukuyoshi

Rapeseed Fukuyoshi

Béné no Fukuoka ! - Fukuyoshi

On the way back, I stopped a moment to photograph the beautiful landscape of the next picture when my mother pointed out the giant Buddha. Without thinking more I committed on the path to Myogen-ji (妙現寺), where it is located. As often in the countryside, the temple is attached to private property and as usual I stayed a while at the entrance a few seconds, the time to ask me if I have the right to enter or not.
The temple itself was not very exciting but pretty. I seek the path to the Buddha but it seemed that I couldn't get close without going through the house. Too bad.

Fukuyoshi in Itoshima, Fukuoka

Myogen-ji temple, Fukuyoshi in Itoshima, Fukuoka
Myogen-ji temple
I left my mother at the train station because she didn't  want to walk more and went exploring the small village with the aim to go to the beach which I had also seen great pictures. On my way I met a barber, old houses and even a torii manufacturer ! It's too bad that no one was there, I would have liked to see some manufacturing.

I talked with an old man who came to me while I was taking a picture of his street. He advised me a place to see the sunset but unfortunately I wanted to go to the opposite ... and we would left before sunset anyway. After walking all around the village I finally arrived by the sea . The tide was high so there was not much sand  and I had the same feeling for the rapeseed fields between disappointment and joy that it as still pretty. This concluded our simple springtime stroll.

Fukuyoshi in Itoshima, Fukuoka

Barber in Fukuyoshi
Retro barber
Torii manufacturer in Fukuyoshi at Itoshima, Fukuoka
Torii manufacturer
Little cat

Cherry blossom

Fukuyoshi beach
The beach
Fukuyoshi's station cherry blossom
Station in early evening
In summary Fukuyoshi and its fields aren't  places to go if you are on a short trip (except if you are keen on going because you can make beautiful pictures) but it's good for a walk if you are there for a while. I don't think going back next year but visiting the rest of Itoshima which is still mysterious to me.

Useful words

Hanabatake (花畑) : flower field
Eki (駅) : station
Densha (電車) : train
Hama (浜) : beach
Na no hana (菜の花) : rapeseed

ACcess and useful informations

Fukuyoshi (福吉)

Access from Fukoka :
From hakata or Tenjin, take the subway bound for Chikuzen-Maebaru ot Nishi-Karatsu. Change at Chikuzen-Maebaru (there is no direct train most of the time) and get off at Fukuyoshi. From Hakata the journey takes 58 minutes and cost 860 yens. From Tenjin it takes 52 minutes for the same price.
Rapeseed field is located in the front of the Fuku Fuku no Sato (福ふくの里) store, where is the pin is on the map (10 minutes by foot from the station). Flowers are at their bloom from mid-march to early april.

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