Fukuoka Kimono Walk #5

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For this fifth edition of Fukuoka Kimono Walk, I take you in a Japanese garden. We are still in spring but my walk smelled like summer.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #5 - Béné no Fukuoka ! may 2016
Fukuoka Kimono Walk #5

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Fukuoka Kimono Walk is a one year photography project : each month, I am introducing a traditionnal place somewhere in Fukuoka city by wearing a kimono which fits the season.
This project is aiming to show a different Fukuoka, far from the big modern city image, while making kimono more accessible.

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In the May issue of Fukuoka Kimono Walk, I wanted to go in a Japanese garden. Thinking about the seasons (especially where I want to go this fall) , I chose the Ohori Park's one. But first I want to talk about my kimono.

I chose a completely unusual kimono for me as it's ... black! I wanted something that makes a little more adult and that would be really different with what I choose in March and April(girly and pink and pastel colors kimono). That one with the embroidered purple wisteria was not only perfect for the season but it was exactly the atmosphere I wanted. There were also some gold and silver embroidery but this remained very discreet. Looking at the pictures I noticed that the kimono was still very yukata-ish with its colors: purple and black are a classic color duo for summer kimono. But it's almost summer so it doesn't matter.
To settle and avoid to be too dark, I opted for a red and silver with gray setbacks obi. It married well with the zori sandals that were in the same tones. This time, I'm very glad I chose to make folds on the obi as this reduces slightly the bright red that might have otherwise been too conspicuous. I enjoyed being with my usual dresser to make my hair done by her at the shop. I also borrowed two hair ornaments: red and golden flower and a bright violet one.

As I mentioned in this article (where you can see other photos) the Ohori Park Japanese Garden was created for Ohori Park's 50th anniversary of and was inaugurated in 1984. This is my second visit to the garden and as last year there no people except me ! I must say that it was raining a bit but it made me happy, I could walk, photograph (and film) quietly without worrying if my tripod would disturb visitors.
To my surprise there were still many flowers and it was great between the beautiful bright green leaf and the pink azaleas. I enjoyed the path circling the lake for these reasons and I totally recommend visiting the garden at this time of year. By cons I would have liked to feed the carp. In many Japanese gardens in Fukuoka, people can purchase for 100 yen a pocket full of seeds tho spear to the fish but in the Ohori Park's one they don't sell anything. It's a shame, maybe I should suggest that to them ?
In the garden there is also a traditional building booked for a tea ceremony. I don't like this beverage but I love the tea ceremony (especially making the tea) and I would like to try once true because I have done ceremonies only at school.

It was very hot and humid today! I was sweating (and I's not someone who sweats a lot) with all these layers on me. For the next issue I don't know yet if I would rent a kimono was or if I 'm going to yukata.

To finish this article, two small amusing anecdotes : when I arrived to the garden, I was accosted by a Japanese guide because his client wanted to take a picture with me. It didn't seem that he was bothered me being a foreign people, only the kimono interested him. Then I went to the entrance gate to pay and the lady recognized me ! I came last year and it's crazy that she is remembered after all this time, I was really happy (although she told me "nihongo jozu desu ne " (日本語上手ですね : you speak a really good Japanese) after I asked her a ticket ... whatever) .

See you next month !

Ohori park Japanese garden, Fukuoka
Let's begin the visit
Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !
Japanese people clap their hands to make carps to come closer
Ohori park Japanese garden, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !
A perfect place for a kimono photoshoot !
Ohori park Japanese garden, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !
Come on carps !
Ohori park Japanese garden, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !

Ohori park Japanese garden, Fukuoka
Cute pink flowers were in bloom everywhere
Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !

Ohori park Japanese garden, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Béné no Fukuoka !
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