My daily life in Japan #10

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I just came back from a  wonderful 4 days holidays in Miyakojima (Okinawa) where I completely forgot the blog. Currently I am in my usual "post-Miyako depression" phase and I have high fever but deadlines are deadlines so we go for the story of my April month!

Béné in front of Nokonoshima
A walk near the sea

Kyûshû Tourist Information Center Fukuoka, opening ceremony

Kyûshû Tourist Information Center Fukuoka, opening ceremony
I received this magazine and a senbei !
Bentô sushi

Earlier this month I was invited by the Fukuoka NOW magazine to the opening event of the Kyushu Tourist Infor mation Center in Fukuoka. To be honnest, I registered on their website, so it wasn't really an invitation. As a person loving her island I couldn't miss this event (even if it was during my working hours, oops ). I wasn't sure what was going to happen there but the fifteen foreign guests that we were the center of attention : tombola (I won a thick English magazine about Kyushu), sushi tasting, the office visit and interviews with local media. I had no idea we would be filmed and I was wearing my  sailor fuku (school uniform) dress, I was very embarassed ... After the ceremony, we were distributed delicious bento. Thank you Fukuoka NOW !

Kyûshû Tourist Information Center Fukuoka
Kyushu Tourist Information Center Fukuoka
Limonades (ciders) de Kyûshû
Kyushu ciders
Kyûshû Tourist Information Center Fukuoka

The next day I came back once again to take pictures and enjoy this new space quietly. Well we can say that this is a great place.In the entrance, there is a mini shop corner with guide books, small objects like straps, magnets, pens, etc. and some regional products. The drink range is impressive with a selection of ciders from the whole island ! The bottles are so cute that I want to start a collection. In the second part of the tourist office, there are computers, flyers, guides books on Kyushu to be use for free in comfortable armchairs. Oh and the staff speak good English !
If you go to Fukuoka at the beginning of your trip to Kyushu this really is a place not to be missed.

I went to give supplies for Kumamoto people
I went to give supplies for Kumamoto people
The middle of the month was of course all about the earthquakes. I did want to go voluntaring in Fukuoka but because of work I was only free on week-ends and they weren't looking for people at that time. Instead, I went numerous time to give supplies.

NEWS Mentai Plus - Béné no Fukuoka !
Emission NEWS Mentai Plus
NEWS Mentai Plus - Béné no Fukuoka !
At my work
A few hours before the first earthquake, I was on a TV show called NEWS Mentai Plus : ten minutes where they presented my videos, my way of working for the blog (photo shoot, writing) my home, my work and much more. The timing was not good but it turned out great so I am happy with it.
I don't have the permission to put the video on Youtube and I also can't make screeshots so here are just 2 pictures.

Fukuoka NEXT meeting

I also had our monthly Fukuoka NEXT meeting.
Well to be honest we haven't really advanced: we stuck to the same thing as last time aka write a challenge and get into groups. At first, I was paired with the talented Vincent Lefrançois and we formed a group about the promotion of Fukuoka but as time passed people have been added so now our group is now called "Promotion, culture and image of the city" which is very broad theme. Much too large for me and I'm not too happy if it stays that way, at least in the beginning of the adventure. So I decided to move from my side: I started writing an essay titled 5 ideas to developp European tourism in Fukuoka. Ideally I would like to finish before summer, then presenting it in a NEXT meeting and receive some help in order to make a presentation to the city's mayor. We'll see what it will happen, but at worst I could always use of this work for the blog which is always welcome. I will keep you informed about this.

Fukuoka's owl cafe
Fukuoka's owl cafe
Fukuoka's owl cafe
This one was pretty angry at my friend
Fukuoka's owl cafe
It didn't seems to like me
The weekend of the earthquake, my friends and I went to eat Italian and to the Fukuoak's owl cafe.  I don't know if it was because there were fewer customers (we were only 5 ) and / or if they were now  aware how to run everything smoothly but I found the experience a little betetr than my visit last year. Well I am still not fond of this kind of place, because I don't like so much animals (yes I know I am heartless) but a day out with friends is always fun.
One of us is living in the deep countryside of Fukuoka so she had to leave us earlier. As Asami and I didn't want to come back home we went to the book shop and also at the brand new open Lush store in Tenjin. it was my first time at Lush and even it was fun to try all the soaps and bath bomb, I didn't like any of the scent. 

Kawaii purchases
Kawaii socks, a book about Fukuoka history, a new diary, tsum tsum tsum and so on.
April was a month of shopping because I decided to renew my wardrobe, buy me books and I also had to buy me a camera ... mine's screen decided to marbling of white striped suddenly one morning. I bought exactly the same one, with one more lens, because I master it well now so it would be a shame to go through an adjustment period by buying a new one.
About my wardrobe, it is because I recently changed clothing style: bye bye the Axes Femme total look. I now no longer hesitate to buy in different shops or to search on the internet (I am lucky enough to not to worry about the sizes anymore). The trigger of this little makeover was probably my move: making 7km a day to and from work by foot, I cann't wear those little feminine heels and Axes Femme dresses doesn't look great with sneakers or flat shoes. Also I didn't find something I like for monthes.As I bought a LOT of new clothes, I must make an article about fashion of presentation of my favorite shops / how to order from outside etc. ould you like to see that ?

Fukuoka late blooming cherry blossom
Heart shapped sakura ! 
Fukuoka late blooming cherry blossom

Who said that the cherry season was over ? In mid-April, Japan enters to the flowering period of yaezakura (八重桜) , kinds of cherry trees that form clusters of pink pompoms on the branches already well stocked with green leaves. This gives a landscape quite delightful, combined with azaleas that bloom at the same time.

Sunset from Fukuoka castle
From Fukuoka castle
Sunset from Maizuru park
From Maizuru park
Sunset from Momochi beach
From Momochi beach
Let's end this article by with some beautiful sunset from different places in Fukuoka. Nowdays, when I finish work, it is also sunset time to I can't help but taking out my camera for some pretty pictures. There is just the latest picture that is different since taken on a Saturday. It was a superb day and I led Daisuke for a walk along the Momochi beach, at the foot of Fukuoka Tower. On our way back we went to taste a Miyazaki dish called sumibiyaki. It is braised chicken. It's smoky and delicious.

Sumibiyaki, Miyazaki dish
Yummy sumibiyaki
Well, I must go and continue the editing of my Yufuin video and answer to e-mails. I have 4 pages of messages waiting to be answered.

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