My daily life in Japan #9

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In March take your coat even when it's warm.
This could sum up well  last month which was still pretty cold but now winter coat is in the closet until the end of the year !
To not change since the beginning of the year, March was a pretty busy month so I 'm struggling to remember everything. Let's try to remember all.

Béné no Fukuoka, Ohori park
A risky place to shoot my yoghurt ! 
Fukuoka night view in Tachibana-yama
Fukuoka night view from Tachibana-yama
Fukuoka night view in Tachibana-yama

I started in March in a sporting way by going a real hike in the forest with no paved road. With some of my colleagues, we went to climb Mt. Tachibana-yama (立花山) located in the east part of Fukuoka.
We started the climb in late afternoon and arrived for the sunset which unfortunately was hidden by clouds. While watching the night falling we ate our sandwiches and noodles cups then we admired the beautiful Fukuoka night view before going back. The way back was epic because completely in the dark. We were only lit by headlamps.
Hiking Tachibana-Yama is one of the easiest hike if I listen my co-workers. The climb takes 40 minutes with a few tricky parts such as small rock climbing  and one or two slipperu other ones  but overall it's true that it was a rather a easy hike. Important point: you really need a car to reach the starting point.

The same week I was invited to a monitor tour (free experimentation tour) for one night and twi days. The goal was to introduce to some foreigners tea from the deep countryside of Nagasaki but unfortunately I had to cancel the night before because of work. It's a shame, I was counting on this trip to help me discover tea but work comes first. I hope to have other occasions.

Fukuoka NEXT workshop
Fukuoka NEXT workshop
Béné no Fukuoka with Fukuoka mayor : Takashima Soichiro
With Fukuoka mayor : Takashima Soichiro
This disappointment was quickly forgotten by the project that unlight my March : Fukuoka NEXT. Fukuoka NEXTis a group of citizen who are aim to make Fukuoka bigger.
This is a project very important for me and I am very proud to be part of it.
In February I appeared in their TV show but in March but I was not only featured on their Facebook page but also in the city newspaper (!). It brought me a lot of good things like  a short story about me and my blogger activities by FBS channel, a partnership proposal for the promotion of another city of the prefecture and others things. I'll speak again about each one when the time comes, but spring is going to be exciting.

Registration for NEXT were completed in late February and as a fence we were invited to a big workshop at the City Hall. It was simple : in the first part all participants were dispatched in groups of 4 or 5 people and we had to talk about our ideas to change Fukuoka. In the second part, we had to write our goal for the city and find people with a vision close to ours. The goal was to bring together all people by theme in order to draw a common idea. My goal is "Making Fukuoka like and worldwide known through my activities as a blogger." I joined a table full of Fukuoka lovers and people who wanted to promote the city. After many discussions and a reflection we decided to name our goal : "Love Fukuoka Next".

A few days before the workshop, the person in charge called me to confirm once again my participation and to tell me that I would be placed at the Mayor's table! On D-day of course I was super anxious but I discovered a very easy so talk with, warm and open person . We exchanged our business cards and he was very attentive to my work on this blog and my activities.
I was also pleased at the post-workshop dinner. People from the city hall who are in charge of NEXT told me that even if all the people were wonderful they thought I was the future of Fukuoka and they were really counting on m . I think this is one of the mote beautiful thing that someone said me .
With the people present at the dinner, we decided with the agreement of the municipality to continue the project and our next meeting is this week. I really can't wait to see how things are going to develop.

Magazine Discover Japan
On the top left corner my work for KyushuArticle Contest
My work (the Kyushu Article Contest website) was featured in the Discover Japan (april edition, published in March) magazine !
I am also interviewed in the Fukuoka prefecture moving-in website: every year they choose 8 people to talk about their experience in Fukuoka. I didn't translated my words but there is nothing that is not already on the blog (how I chose to settle in Fukuoka for example).

Natto and tuna sushi
Natto and tuna sushi
Japanese beef at Kanoya Bar
Japanese beef at Kanoya Bar
Goma kanpachi rice bowl
Goma kanpachi rice bowl
The other big thing of the month was my mother who came to visit me in Fukuoka ! She stayed about 3 weeks and we have done many things : a Miyazaki trip, daytrips in Fukuoka, a little shopping, excursion in the nearby city of Itoshima and especially we spent much time together. This small family break was so nice to me : it's great to laughing and talking about everything and nothing with someone who know me better than anybody else.
Well, I noticed a funny thing during her stay in Japan. If people never speak to me in English and if they hardly notice me in the street, when I am with her we tend to speak to us in English, asking us if we know how to use chopsticks (lol ... ) and we really stare much so that I had to ask two or three times if there was a problem with us.

My mother brought me back from France a lot of mashed fruits and some goat cheese !! I have so happy. We discovered a small bakery not far from her AirBnB which makes an excellent baguette and it was a treat with the goat cheese and when we ran out we ate it with some butter.
I really have to introduce this bakery on the blog, I am sure a lot of French will be happy to discover it.
If I usually eat at my desk, because of the presence of my mom we ate out every day. If we had a big disappointment, we ate delicious things in most of the place : kaisendon (bowl of rice with raw fish), meat, sushi, omelettes and so on. I showed her my favorite lunch places in Tenjin. Now I'll have to venture somewhere else for her next stay.

I ate more than usual and I took the bus many times which resulted to add two beautiful centimeters to my thighs and hips. I have no doubt that I will losing them resuming my normal diet and walking again my 7km per day but I ate my body now.
Since I moved earlier this month, I have to walk 3.5km to go to work every morning and as much to come back in the evening. I love walking so I am delighted especially as the road is very nice. With this daily physical effort I am more fit in the morning and I sleep better at night, it's really beneficial. If I initially thought taking my bike, I finally prefer to walk and enjoy the scenery even if I admit that at night I want to go home quickly.

Pinkberry's Greek yoghurt, Ohori park
Pinkberry's Greek yoghurt, Ohori park
I already told you my love for frozen yogurt and those sold at Pinkberry in particular. Well I think I 've found something that I lvoe more : their Greek yoghurt.
In early March they launched this new product : a Greek yogurt topped with honey and covered with granola and fruits. It is a real delight. I discovered granola with it (better late than never) and I think I like it so much that I will make some for myself very regularly. It would be ideal for breakfast but I don't eat in the morning so I rather reserve it for an afternoon snack.

Kawaii shoes at, Tenjin Core, Fukuoka
Some cute shoes I can't wear anymore because of my age...
To the Anpanman Museum
To the Anpanman Museum
Canal City, Fukuoka
Canal City
Thanks to the presence of my mother, I started again to take pictures of some everyday life things. This can be places where I often spend time but also simple things like a manhole. Just a few years ago I would have been ashamed to photograph something quite commonplace but now I find it very fun and it makes my photography skills rise.

Spring illuminations at Hakata station
Spring illuminations at Hakata station
Cherry blossom at Tocho-ji, Fukuoka
Cherry blossom at Tocho-ji, Fukuoka
Cherry blossom at Tocho-ji, Fukuoka

And finally, at the end of the month, the highly anticipated sakura season began. Even before the blooming, the front of Hakata station recycled Christmas ornaments and lit up in pink and white. There was no spring illuminations for two years so I was delighted.
A few days after the first flowers have appeared on trees.
I am fortunate enought to live close to Ohori and Maizuru parks which are two of my favorite places in the city and perfect spots for sakura ! What a pleasure to enjoy then every day without a lot of locals and tourists. I plan to make a full sakura article but in the meantime I hope these images will make you wait.

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