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I wanted to thank everyone who expressed concern about if I was ok and so would be my friends.
I didn't take the time yet to answer to everyone but I'll do it progressively. Just know that I'm fine and my friends / boyfriend too.

On the internet, in the newspaper or on TV, we see enough footages of damages that I didn't want to show that too. Instead, I prefer to show you the beauty of Kumamoto city and prefecture. Because Kumamoto is a beautiful region, so rich in history and so fantastic that they will be strong. There is no doubt about that.
Ma participation au hastag #くまモン頑張れ絵. Courage Kumamoto !
Just an illustration I did for the  #くまモン頑張れ絵. 

Kumamoto castle,  december 2015
Kumamoto castle,  December 2015
Kumamoto countryside september 2015
Kumamoto countryside September 2015
Mount Aso, August 2011
Mount Aso, August 2011
Kumamoto castle, September 2013
Kumamoto castle, September 2013
Suizen-ji, December 2015
Suizen-ji, December 2015
Kumamon, September 2013
Kumamon, September 2013
Near Aso, September 2013
Near Aso, September 2013
Kurokawa onsen, December 2015
Kurokawa onsen, December 2015
Kumamoto ramen, December 2015
Kumamoto ramen, December 2015

Should you travel in Kyushu now ?

Tourism professionals are starting to say that cancellations may have a quite big impact but on the other hand the authorities say not to come for not disrupting ongoing operations. I tend to agree with them as for now ! However, if things go well in the north and the south of the island, traveling in Kyushu at the moment is exposing yourself to aftershocks and it also means not being able to fully enjoy your trip. Given that the danger is not yet completely over, that the disruption of transport are important and there are small shortages in supermarkets and combini, I recommend to not coming to Kyushu, at least until the end of the week or at least avoid Kumamoto Prefecture .

About public transportation

Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization published a pretty good article. Please read it. 

How to help Kumamoto

Giving money

The popular Youtuber Micaela is currently doing a crowdfunding. We can give from abroad and the money will go to Kumamoto Prefecture at the end of the month. I think this is a very good choice as even there are various associations as the Red Cross but we don't always know where ourmoney is used for. By donating the sum to the prefecture , it is certain that it will be directly useful to the people.

▸  Other ways

Fukuoka City Relief Supply Donations

Since Sunday, from 10am to 8pm , Daimyo primary school serves as supply donations point to collect the following items for their shipment to disaster places :
1. Bottled water (unopened, within expiry date)
2. Non-perishable foods
3. Wet tissues
4. Toilet paper
5. Diapers (for children and adults)
6. Towels (only unused, unopened)
7. Sanitary napkins

As for now, ONLY these 7 things are accepted. There is in the school room for each product. Please drop your donations in designated rooms.


Fukuoka residents or people currently in Fukuoka, we are counting on you! There are also collects in other cities in Japan. If you want to give, ask either the town or in the tourist offices of where you are.

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