Fukuoka Kimono Walk #4

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It's already the time for the fourth issue of Fukuoka Kimono Walk, my Fukuoka x kimono one year project. This month, I guide you in Gokusho-machi district and to temples such as the famous Tocho-ji.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #4 - april 2016

Miyazaki : from Aoshima island to Udo shrine

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It's been a week since Kumamoto and Oita earthquakes.
It's difficult to know when it's the right time to blog normally again after a disaster but Bene no Fukuoka ! is a cheerful and positive blog. I want to move forward , continue to show you the beauty of my island Kyushu.

I will talk longer about the the consequences of the earthquakes on the local tourism and my fears about this in my monthly daily life article but for now I'll finish the story of my journey to Miyazaki last month.
I left you when we were in Takachiho. Around 3pm, we took the bus bound for Miyazaki city, much further south than our current location.

Undama, Udo shrine, Miyazaki
The famous undama, lucky balls

We ♡ Kumamoto

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I wanted to thank everyone who expressed concern about if I was ok and so would be my friends.
I didn't take the time yet to answer to everyone but I'll do it progressively. Just know that I'm fine and my friends / boyfriend too.

On the internet, in the newspaper or on TV, we see enough footages of damages that I didn't want to show that too. Instead, I prefer to show you the beauty of Kumamoto city and prefecture. Because Kumamoto is a beautiful region, so rich in history and so fantastic that they will be strong. There is no doubt about that.
Ma participation au hastag #くまモン頑張れ絵. Courage Kumamoto !
Just an illustration I did for the  #くまモン頑張れ絵. 

April 14th and 16th 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

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Basically I planned to post another article.
Basically I wanted to talk about the second part of my lovely tripin Miyazaki.
But now, while I was writing my article, at 9:26 p.m. local time, a magnitude 7 earthquake hit the island of Kyushu (southwest Japan) where I live and as it was quite a shock I wanted to talk about it.

TV news just after the earthquake
TV news just after the earthquake

Sakura fever

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Fukuoka,  Avril 7th 2016

Last night a storm blown up the last cherry blossoms petals that were on the trees. The sakura season is over. Already. Everything happened so fast. I'd like to be able to see these flowers all year but in an other another hand, its quick bloom makes its charms.

Welcome to a pink and white world.

Sakura 2016, Chûô park, Fukuoka
Under Fukuoka's sakura

My daily life in Japan #9

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In March take your coat even when it's warm.
This could sum up well  last month which was still pretty cold but now winter coat is in the closet until the end of the year !
To not change since the beginning of the year, March was a pretty busy month so I 'm struggling to remember everything. Let's try to remember all.

Béné no Fukuoka, Ohori park
A risky place to shoot my yoghurt !