The little things that make me happy #2

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In this article series, I show 7 little pleasure of my daily life in Japan.

Pink-illuminated Hakata station for the cherry blossom season

Gare Hakata, illuminations cerisiers
Spring illuminations in Hakata

A tramway-cafe

Café tramway, Nagasaki
Kitchen Seiji, Nagasaki

Enjoying a very pretty view

Fukuoka depuis Tachibana-yama
Fukuoka from Tachibana-yama

Find seasonal products at the supermarket...

Yaourts à la fleur de cerisier (sakura)
Sakura (cherry blossom) yoghurts

... and very cute packaging at the 100 yens shop

Packagings kawaii au Japon
Milky chocolated beverage 

Illustrations of Fukuoka's subway

Métro de Fukuoka
Fukuoka subway, Hakata station

 Thinking about the future of my city

Fukuoka Next 2016
Fukuoka Next project

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