My Japanese daily life #8

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I'm sorry for my long absence but I didn't have internet at home for more than a week and it was hard to write (as well as responding to emails and comments !!!) from iPhone.

Overall, February has been a busy month, punctuated by my Hokkaido trip, a Nagasaki one day travel and all the preparations for moving !

Déménagement peluches kawaii

So I moved in on Sunday!
After a week to pack all my stuff, now I have to unpack everything in our new apartment. This explains my (relative) silence on Twitter and Facebook or even Instagram as well as lower frequency blog articles : I'm pretty busy and I didn't have internet at home. Everything should start again very soon with some pretty visits in Fukuoka, among others things.
So I was saying that I had moved. Good by Shirogane, the lovely neighborhood where I lived for two years. I now live in another part of Fukuoka city which has a really different atmosphere. For the little I've seen I liked Shirogane more but I suppose it takes time to adapt oneself. Anyway, the apartment is really really nice so that's good.

On D-Day, Daisuke called his little brother to help us. I was a bit nervous about the meeting (those who follow me on Twitter and can read French are somewhat aware of my troubles with the in-laws) but he was really friendly. With their help everything was taken to our new place in only 2 round trips. Daisuke's little borther even carried the washing machine alone ! I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately, a small car accident (nothing serious) made that we couldn't honor our appointment with the gas agent so I had no hot weather and couldn't cook. So I went to Daisuke's place, ine the countryside of the East ward of Fukuoka. For the first time in years, I had to take the train and the bus to go working. There are a lot of people but it changed my habbit a little and it was quite nice (I love trains).

Setsubun, sanctuaire Kushida, Fukuoka

Setsubun, sanctuaire Kushida, Fukuoka

Nishi park, Fukuoka
Hakata port from Nishi park
I couldn't go out that much in Fukuoka this month, it's just if I could make two or three walks and I really miss it. Rather than walk on weekends, I took my lunch breaks to get out. I went to see the Setsubun Festival decorations at Kushida shrine. Like every year, they installed that giant paper faces at the entrances and I could also die with envy at their retro poster. I really have to ask if I can have a copy at the next event.

Another day I went to see a Kyoto kimono fabrics exhibition in the IMS shopping mall. The fabrics were beautiful with rather modern prints. I'd have loved to buy one to take home. Unfortunately, there was a TV show that came shooting at the same time I was there so I couldn't get the explanations that I wanted.

Finally, I went to eat lunch at Nishi-Koen Park (西公園) which is on a small hill overlooking the Hakata port. It was cold and the wind was quite strong but it was really pleasant to eat outside. On my way back I passed through the port. Walking near the water with fishing boats and listening to the seagull cries gave me courage for the afternoon. I can't wait for spring !

salade au natto, Fukuoka
Caesar salad
Croquettes au natto, Fukuoka
udon au nattô, Fukuoka
Sara udon (皿うどん)
gâteaux au natto, Fukuoka
Natto cakes
With my friends at work, we went to dinner in a natto  (fermented soybeans) restaurant called Natto-ya nebaland (納豆家ネバランド) located near Yakuin station. Going there, we weren't sure what we would find but the menu was impressive with not less than 40 natto dishes and a dozen without.
We tried the caesar salad, croquettes, haru maki (fried spring rolls) and sara udon (a specialty from Nagasaki) all with natto inside. We all loved all the dishes which were tasty and very well presented. Then we ordered somedesserts! We treated ourselves with the natto cheese cake and the natto mont blanc. To be honest we were more curious than hungry. If we didn't liked the cheese cake which tasted like tofu, we liked the Mont Blanc. natto went well with the cream, surprising as it may seems. I hope to go again to try other dishes that intrigued me and take the opportunity to introduce this restaurant and have a real talk about natto that many foreigners abhor.

By the end of the month, I learned that the Kyushu Article Contest ceremony prize would be held in the coming days. I have therefore concluded that I was not selected, and I'm sorry for all the people who voted for me. if for the Fukuoka Goodwill Ambassadors last year I had been collapsed by the results,this time I didn't care much. Did I become stronger over the year ? Or is it because I expected to lose (I wrote an article on a particular subject) ? But as at each failure, it keeps me going and I decided a few new things about the blog and everything I do thanks to it.
I really want to focus myself on Kyushu (and also Fukuoka as always). I already decided that earlier but I will reinforce this decision: Kyushu is the place that attracts me most in Japan and I want to know it very well. For this, I won't be traveling outside the island until the end of the year. I will just make an exception for Miyakojima that I equally love (I go again in two months!). I still prepare many things for blog about it, it takes time so be patient :)

I also decided a change for my videos. Many of you appreciate the way they were, but I wasn't comfortable with my way of filming. Thinking of a video was  fun and I have a lot of already storyborded ones but only imagine the putting the tripod on the ground and talk to the camera while people walking around was very embarrassing and it blocked me. Moreover, being an eternal dissatisfied about my work, as I want to do everything in a perfect way I ended up having no fun at all during filming.
I realized all of that while I was dining at the 6 nen 4 kumi izakaya. I was so obsessed with the video that I forgot to have fun. The same evening I thought of a new way of filming and I found a Hokkaido video which I immediately likedso I decided to do a thing like this. As I was still working on my Dazaifu video, I took the opportunity to give it a try but the absence of voiceover and a too fast pace made it quite unliked. This will be fixed in the next one.

Look Béné no Fukuoka !
Cardigan : Axes Femme / skirt : Shimamura / tights : Tutuanna / shoes : Axes Femme
People will say again that my blog is too girly but I don't mind. i want to introduce some of my fashions and present the brands I like. This month I have only one picture (took in January xD) so I'll really start next month.

kit-kats japonais au game center
We won that at the game center !! 

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