Fukuoka Kimono Walk #3

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Third issue of my kimono x Fukuoka project : Fukuoka Kimono Walk. This month I went to Shofu-en garden.
Fukuoka Kimono Walk

Mystic Takachiho

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Last weekend, I went to spend 3 days in Miyazaki prefecture, in the southeast of Kyushu island. My first and only trip to Miyazaki was in 2011. I had spent two days in the main city and I couldn't do anything because of the heavy rain. I decided to take a revenge and to go this month. My mother is currently in Fukuoka so I also wanted to show her some Kyushu.
Today I take you in the mountains, in the small village of Takachiho.

Les gorges de Takachiho
Takachiho gorges

My Japanese habits... or not !

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Version française  |  日本語バージョンはこちら

When living in a foreign country, it is no uncommon to take some local habits and customs. I'm certainly not an exception.
Here are three Japanese habits I have adopted and three who will probably remain strange to me forever.

Sanctuaire Yanagawa-gokoku, Yanagawa city, Fukuoka
Yanagawa-gokoku shrine, Yanagawa city, Fukuoka

The little things that make me happy #2

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Version française  |  日本語バージョンはこちら

In this article series, I show 7 little pleasure of my daily life in Japan.

Pink-illuminated Hakata station for the cherry blossom season

Gare Hakata, illuminations cerisiers
Spring illuminations in Hakata

A family day in Nagasaki

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Following my interview in the Nishi Nippon newspaper  of January 1st, I was contacted by the Nagasaki Prefecture's Industry, Food and Local products promotion Department. They wanted to invite me to discover the regional specialties.

Abris-bus fruit de Nagasaki
A tomato-shapped bus stop in Hisahaya, Nagasaki

My Japanese daily life #8

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I'm sorry for my long absence but I didn't have internet at home for more than a week and it was hard to write (as well as responding to emails and comments !!!) from iPhone.

Overall, February has been a busy month, punctuated by my Hokkaido trip, a Nagasaki one day travel and all the preparations for moving !

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