My Japanese daily life #7

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January ended and a busy February starts today. In January, I did a lot of things and was really really busy. I couldn't even finish my Dazaifu vlog even if I promised to upload it last week-end. I will do my best to hurry ! 
Challenge ! Fukuoka Next
"Throught my blog and videos, I want to make Fukuoka wolrd known !"

Interview journal Nishi Nippon

The month began with the publication of an article about my activities as a blogger in the Nishi Nippon newspaper. Every year on January 1st, the newspaper released a color supplement about a particular theme and this time it was about Kyushu's food. They found my blog (the Japanese version is surprisingly well referenced on Google and Yahoo) so they contacted me. I had planned to do a translation of the article but it's probably not very exciting so here are the highlights: they introduced me and I talk about my blog activities and the Kyushu food I love the most.

Guide sur Hokkaidô en hiver
Winter Hokkaido guidebook
During the last 3 days of the New Year's holidays, I didn't do anything, really nothing! I don't know if it is my Kumamoto bus trip which have exhausted me or if I needed a bit of quiet after a busy year but damn, it feels good to be home, under the kotatsu with a hot chocolate and in front of my blog.  I took the opportunity to do many things, including starting a Kyushu guide that I hope to be online before the end of March. I also searched a lot of information about my next big trip destination : Hokkaido! The answer to the riddle of the previous article was Sapporo.
I'm leaving for 4 days in the far north of Japan, stack the end of the snow festival is no introduction. I'm afraid about the cold weather but I am very impatient. Yu can follow my adventures live on Twitter: Bene_Fukuoka!

Geisha et maiko à Fukuoka

After the holidays, I was, for the first time of my working life, happy to be back at work. Except when I did trips to Japan, I've never loved long vacations. A week is more than enough to me but each time I was unhappy to be back because  I wasn't fully happy with my work. But now that I am, I was super happy to come back and see my colleagues. This month, we made a big farewell party for one of us who has left the company in December. We had dinner in an Italian restaurant before going to an izakaya. I really like being with them, it is like being with a group of friends and it was so un that we extended the party until 2am. Before I didn't like the to have dinner or drinking parties with my coworkers but now I am really looking forward the next one.  There is really few occasion (yes, all Japanese companies do not have drinking parties everynight or weeks) but we go out a lot during day time : we are taking the advantage to work in the most lively district of Fukuoka, there is always something to see/do. Weeks ago, after a lunch, we went to see dancing gealy geiko and maiko from Kyoto. We even had the chance to be photographed with teh even if we didn't have a ticket (the organizer store is one of our client). It was very impressive to see from o close: their white faces, the details of their hairstyles, their beautiful kimonos. I had never seen a geisha other than on paper or on video so all I thought of the was living dolls. It may sound stupid but I was "relieved" to see that they are just human, like us.

Mochi japonais

Mochitsuki, Fukuoka

Mochitsuki, Fukuoka

January in Japan = mochitsuki (餅つき) or a rite of beating hot rice to make mochi (餅) . I never had the opportunity to try and I found an event at the last minute. It was for the kids so I couldn't try the mortar but it was interesting to watch. According to my boyfriend, the rice hadn't been beaten enough when it was served to us but as a novice I didn't feel the difference, it was good, hot and fluffy.

Teppanyaki Miyachiku, Fukuoka
240g of Miyazaki beef only for our stomachs ! 
Teppanyaki Miyachiku, Fukuoka

Teppanyaki Miyachiku, Fukuoka
Fire is always an amazing time
n January, it was Daisuke birthday ! To celebrate his 26th bday, I made a reservation in my favorite teppanyaki restaurant : Miyachiku (the one where I went for my own birthday). As he love smeat, I really wanted him to discover the place and he ,was conquered. We went on Sunday when it snowed and we were seated in front of the window. View the chef handle all ingredients with snow falling in the background, we had a very nice time.

Speaking of Daisuke, I have a good news: we will settle together at the end of March! Our respective apartments contracts are ending almost simultaneously and as he wanted to quit his job and therefore his neighborhood, the timing was perfect. The past three weeks we spend our weekends at the estate agent but we found a great place. We paid everything and the moving day has been decided !
I think I will write a full article about our story with a lot of informations inside once both of us will move in (I am moving one month before him).
Our new place is almost perfect (the kitchen is just a little too small) and close to a place that I particularly like in Fukuoka. I am torn between the desire to move and the sadness to leave my current neighborhood that I love. During the time left, although I won't be much in Fukuoka this month, I intend to take the opportunity to explore my neighborhood thoroughly and make mea lot of memories.

Medal Game, Japon

Recently, one of our favorite activities (especially Daisuke's) is playing  medal games at game centers. Usually, we are playing very irregularly, only a few times a year but we won the jackpot twice so we have a lot of medals to play with that we can' t exchange for prizes. So now we are playing like every week for one hour. At game centers, there are always people who seems to live there with a lot of drinks, a bento and a small blanket on their knees.In these moments, I am always tolding myself that it is a good thing that some game center are closing at night or people would really live there.

Challenge ! Fukuoka Next

As I said in the first issue of my Fukuoka Kimono Walk project, I was followed by a TV crew all day and I finally know when it will be broadcast: today (Monday) from 9:48 p.m. on KBC. For those who are in Fukuoka, please watch ! To tell the whole story, Fukuoka City has set up a project that highlights people who make the city better, bigger, brigher, called Fukuoka Next. I waited for my Japanese blog to have more articles before enroll in December and I was contacted immediately by the team that immediately invited me to talk about my blog at the Fukuoka city hall.
As they were thrilled with me and my blog, they asked me to be on the project's TV show. If I was sure to b featured on their Facebook page, for the TV show, I was in "competition" with a Fukuoka living English photographer but the channel has preferred my profile.
It was my first TV experience since the disaster of last year disaster but as the staff was very nice and as it was for m beloved Fukuoka city, everything went in a great way. The project and TV show stop in February so I'm really happy to have applied on time.

Chaussettes Hello Kitty, Osaka
Osaka Hello Kitty socks
Chaussettes Hello Kitty, Fukuoka
Fukuoka Hello Kitty socks
I already wrote about my regional Hello Kitty socks collection when I bought the Kumamoto ones. For the I always wanted to find a souvenir for each place I travelled and I started collecting gotochi cards which are beautiful illustrated cards thus the graphic changes depending prefectures. But job require , when I travel it is mostly on weekend and public holidays so the post offices are closed and can't buy the cards. Instead, I decided to switch to this cute socks that are findable all the time. If ever someone feels to buy me some, I am looking for the places I already been ones : Tokyo, Saitama , Tochigi , Niigata , Nagano, Toyama, Ishikawa, Nara, Okayama, Hiroshima and Kagawa .

Gâteau à la broche japonais

I brought a delicious baum cake from Mount Aso. The baumkuchen or sakotis in English very popular in Japan and it comes with various flavors depending of the region. Daisuke loves it (so I do) so I try to buy one every time I travel. He is so addicted that he wants to open a baum shop in the future. While waiting to see if this idea will  be forgetten or not, our goal is to try all sorts of baum . This time it was cheese flavored and although the taste was not very strong it was a deligh for our mouths.

Parc Ohori, Fukuoka

To end this article, here is a photo of the pretty Ohori park  taken on Saturday zhen we had the first sunny week-end day in weeks. I can't even remember when the last one was. it zqs so zqrm thqt I feel it as spring.
This blog lack of Fukuoka recently. I have some ideas about what to write in the next weeks.

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