6 nen 4 kumi, the school themed izakaya

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I love Japanese theme cafe and restaurants: I find that fun and cute but we don't have much of that in Fukuoka. Recently we had a Kiki & Lala Cafe (and I just learned that Card Captor Sakura cafe will  open in April !!) but before entering it, I would have to queue for 7 hours on weekends. As I hate waiting, I decided to skip it.
I then reminded about 6 nen 4 kumi  (roku nen yon kumi),a elementary school themed izakaya that I had found a few years ago. With Daisuke, we decided to try it for dinner.

Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka

The atmosphere

At the entrance, we were greeted by a member of staff who introduced themselves as teachers. At 6 nen 4 kumi, customers are the students.  Staff talk to us like they would talk to childrendm it is really fun.
We removed our shoes and we were told our room and to my dismay, we were placed in a small room that looked nothing like a classroom. The only elements that reminded school were the sketchbook on the table as well as the posters on the wall. On their home page, I saw pictures of huge classrooms with a blackboards and real school desks and I thought we would eat in that kind of room so I was very disappointed. In fact, except for some rooms such as the school head office, the otehrs ones were just standard izakaya rooms. Besides that, the place looks like a real Japanese elementary school from the last few decades : the corridors are decorated with handmade posters, paper garlands and flags. There is a test in the middle of the meal and if people get to have 100/100they are threaten a gift. Otherwise customers can try traditional school  hats and Randoseru, the rigid bag that children have to carry at school.

Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka

Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka
It looks like a real school ! 
Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka

Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka
"Do not flirt in the classrooms"
Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka

Contrôle, Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka
Test was aboput sports and health
Cosplay d'écolier japonais, Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka
Hi, I am 8 !

The food

6 nen 4 kumi include typical dishes that were served at elementary schools of the Showa era (1926-1989) as fried bread or or frozen fruits. The majority of the menu include classic izakaya food like sashimi, fried rice or karaage chicken nuggets. We ordered fried bread named Agepan (揚げパン) with honey, soft noodles (ソ ​フ ト麺) which are close to udon with a lind of Bolognese sauce and then fried ham. Everything was good and it wasreal new for me.
Then we moved on classic dishes : pork fried rice, stews or marinated tuna sashimi. The fried rice was really good but it was too much for the two of us : four or five people could eat in without problem. The tuna was good too but the stews had no real interest.
For dessert, Daisuke ordered a frozen clementine and ice in a balloon called oppai ice (おっぱいアイス) because of the shape. He liked it very much.

Menu, Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka
The menu
Riz sauté chahan au porc
Fried rice chahan with marinated pork (kakunii)
Sashimi mariné de thon
Marinated tsuna sashimi
Brochettes japonaises
Some stews

The value

We paid 4500 yens for two, without drinks. I found it to be a bit expensive for the quality but I think that it is the same in all themed restaurants as you pay forthe place's uniqueness.

I was fairly convinced by the izakaya, especially because I thought it was quite liveless. I wish the staff would play their teached role more,  I wanted to dine in a real classroom and I wanted to see more school events. Finally, only the test  (if you read Japanese) and the school food were fun to discover/do.  I think it may be a good idea for a group event (more than 4 people) but for a nice time in a smaller number, a classic izakaya would be better. Mixed feeling so.

access and useful informations

6 nen 4 kumi (6年4組) - Fukuoka's school

Adress :
810-0041 Fukuoka prefecture, fukuoka city, Chuo-ku, Daimyo 1 chome 12−8

Phone number :

Access :
7 minutes by foot from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) station.

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