Fukuoka Kimono Walk #2

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Here coms already the second edition of my new project : Fukuoka Kimono Walk,. This time, I bring you to Maizuru park to see the beautiful plum blossoms. 

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Maizuru park

6 nen 4 kumi, the school themed izakaya

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I love Japanese theme cafe and restaurants: I find that fun and cute but we don't have much of that in Fukuoka. Recently we had a Kiki & Lala Cafe (and I just learned that Card Captor Sakura cafe will  open in April !!) but before entering it, I would have to queue for 7 hours on weekends. As I hate waiting, I decided to skip it.
I then reminded about 6 nen 4 kumi  (roku nen yon kumi),a elementary school themed izakaya that I had found a few years ago. With Daisuke, we decided to try it for dinner.

Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka

My Japanese daily life #7

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January ended and a busy February starts today. In January, I did a lot of things and was really really busy. I couldn't even finish my Dazaifu vlog even if I promised to upload it last week-end. I will do my best to hurry ! 
Challenge ! Fukuoka Next
"Throught my blog and videos, I want to make Fukuoka wolrd known !"