My Japanese daily life #6

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Before anything, I wanted to wish you a very nice and happy new year, full of happiness, health, money, dreams and everything you could desire.
carte du nouvel an Japon

Thank you for being so many to follow my blog in 2015. English version is the least popular but you are almost 100 to come everyday. You were also many to follow me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. I hope you will still be present in 2016, a year that already looks epic and eventful.

Restaurant Etoile Kitchen, Fukuoka
Cherries inside raw ham : simple but delicious
Restaurant Etoile Kitchen, Fukuoka

Restaurant Etoile Kitchen, Fukuoka

Anniversaire Daisuke et moi

Pyjama mouton kawaii
A perfect pajama to go with my sheep plushie ! 
December began with our anniversary date with Daisuke. We went to dinner in a small restaurant named Etoile Kitchen (エトワールキッチン) in the district of Daimyo. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very nice with big sofas, fluffy cushions, soft lighting and walls full frames. Unfortunately it was a smoking-permitted place and the food was too rich in oil. My stomach didn't supported it and Daisuke was not convinced, therefore we won't come again twice. However the dessert was really good and they listened to my desire : neither strawberries nor flavored coffee cake that I have a holy horror of. About our gift, Daisuke gave me a cute, warm and super comfortable pajamas which I can't stop wearing. In return, I offered him some clothes.

Bijin Tokei

Regarding my activities related to the blog, I finally received my Bijin Tokei photos that I told you about last month. So I Appear on their website and application every day between 1:08 ET 1:11 am. Apart from that, I had several appointments for some small projects but overall December was pretty quiet.

60kg de riz

By participating in a Fukuoka hunt photo contest, I won a 60kg of rice. Naive as I am, I thought it would gradually delivered each month so I was so surprise to see arriving two bags of 30kg each! If in the first minutes I laughed to these big packages installed in my living room, now it's more than a trouble than anything else. Because, it not only burden myself by taking space in my room but my colleagues told me that rice worms would come there this summer for the latest and that I couldn't keep all the rice one year. I'm trying to find solutions right now because it is such a waste.

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
A monthly report would not be one without a point about my work. My company bought a 360 ° camera called Ricoh Theta and that was the big attraction of the month. It is not only taking photos but also videos and it's just great to use. Of course, I am eager to borrow an afternoon to do some trying in the Tenjin district and the result is really nice. By clicking this link, you can view another 360 ° picture .

Still on the same subject, I sympathized with the latter colleagues I hadn't yet really spoken with : the development team. They are always focused on their work so it is difficult to go talk to them without disturbing but a little impromptu party on the 28th made ​​break the ice and I had a good laugh with them. They even assign me a new nickname : chan-bene (bene-chan backwards) . This was how my Hello!Project fan friends called me and I really like this nickname.

Blog japon

December was also a month where I spend so much time browsing the internet. I was seeking for some information about unusual kawaii places in Kumamoto where I spent three days (coming soon) when I came across the blog of a Singaporean student living in Fukuoka : With Love from Japan, Eustacia. She doesn't only live in  Fukuoka but she travels a lot in Kyushu and her blog inspired me greatly, as much as when I found Saraboy which is unfortunately not really updated recently. This is much thanks to Eustacia I wanted to start exploring Kyushu and post travel stories.

I read more and more English blogs like The RainbowHolic or the brown felt hat. I love girly (or not) Japan blogs with beautiful pictures, it gives me lots of ideas. In fact, new French blogs are really uncommun so I have nothing to do but try English ones. if you want to discover my favorite ones, please see my blogroll.

Finally, I wanted to thank you for being so many to vote for my entry for the Kyushu Article Contest, and continue to vote even after the deposit closure date At the time I wrote this my article garnered 1600 votes, with more than 300 votes only today. I don't know why but since last week the numbers have exploded, thank you very much. I cross my fingers while awaiting for the results.

Rétrospective de l'année 2015 - Japon
Part of my 2015 year

My 2016 resolutions

I usually never takenew year resolution but this year I want to set some goals.

Leveling up this blog more and more

In 2016 , I want to continue my efforts begun last year to make my blog always more interesting, enjoyable, beautiful and full of information. I will no longer blogging about places in Fukuoka even I won't stop writing about that. I want a blog that corresponds me with more articles about my daily life in Fukuoka, trips inside Kyushu, and about the things that I love about my Japanese life : fashion, kawaii interior, cute cafe and so on.
For that, I am currently do a lot of changes in my oldest French articles to adapt them to my current graphic chart. Secondly, I will translate the most important one in English and Japanese. Please be a little more patient :)
Then I always aim higher! In addition to Fukuoka, I want my blog to become a reference about Kyushu and for that I prepare a lot of things that will be useful for you.

(Trying to) do more videos !

I do not aim a video per week as I did when I first started but at least a month. In 2015, I took only 4 videos because like for the blog, I 'm very demanding on quality. Many videos have finished in the trash (at least 5 since this summer) as they weren't good enough for me. This requirement forces me to think about it constantly. In Kumamoto, where I spedn 3 days this week, thinking and stressing abotu a video almost ruined the first day. Thinking about enjoying my trip, good pictures for the blog and video at the same time is maybe too much. I understand why those who have a quality and regular vlog don't run a proper blog and vice versa.

Saving some money to travel in Kyushu each month

One of my wildest dreams is to do a round trip around Kyushu then write an guidebook of the area. This goes with what I wrote in this article but I really want to travel in my island and so far I haven't really benefited from the fact that I live in Fukuoka. I have a list as long as my arm with lots of places I want to visit so I will try to enjoy this year's many 3-day weekends to travel.

Renewing my portfolio

Even if I don't work as a freelance, it became old.

Making some friends

This fall I realized how much I almost had no friends left in Fukuoka : my boyfriend and some people I can't call friend. Most of my school friends are either returned in their home country or are scattered in all Japan. The French community in Fukuoka, for the little I 've seen don't really interest me and gaijin parties are not my thing so it closes quite doors but let's wait and see !

Ok ! Let's go for 2016 !

How about this posts?