Snowy Fukuoka

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This weekend to the delight (or not) of its inhabitants, Fukuoka has been covered with an elegant white coat. The temperatures were the coldest for 40 years and the biggest snowfall for more than a century in some places, the Kyushu region has turned into a giant kakigori (shaved ice).

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #1

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New year and new project ! I talked about it for months and finally I started Fukuoka Kimono Walk, my brand new one year photography project which blend harmoniously (if possible) kimono and Fukuoka's traditional places.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk

Kumamoto bus trip : the last day

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Third and final day in Kumamoto : a day divided between a kawaii morning and afternoon in a more traditional atmosphere.

Sanctuaire de Kurokawa Onsen
Kurokawa Onsen's shrine

Kumamoto bus trip : walking in Mount Aso

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Second day of my Kumamoto bus trip. That day, I had planned to go to Mount Aso. The access to the crater, closed for a year and a half now, was still was not permitted but I wouldn't have missed. Unfortunately, because of the great weather all my photos' colors are completely burned. I retouched them thet best I could so be forgiving please.
Cratère Naka-dake, Mont Aso
Naka-dake crater

Kumamoto bus trip : Kumamoto city

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New year holidays are over and the coming back to work was tough. If I did nothing the second half of this vacation (but really nothing, I did'nt even went out !), I went to spend three days in Kumamoto before the new year. This enchanted few days mwas what I needed and I had a little trouble to get back into the daily life again, as every time I sleep in an other place than my home.

Kumamoto castle and SunQ Pass
Welcome to Kumamoto !
Because of saving concerns and because I wanted to go in some remote places, I chose to make this trip by bus using the SunQ Pass (no, this article is not sponsored). This little card allows unlimited travel for a few days over 2000 lines (99%) bus of Kyushu. Find out all about it by reading this page. I will make a report at the end to see if it was profitable and tell my impressions about traveling by bus.

My Japanese daily life #6

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Before anything, I wanted to wish you a very nice and happy new year, full of happiness, health, money, dreams and everything you could desire.
carte du nouvel an Japon