Hakata Light Up Walk 2016

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Autumn is the best time to visit Fukuoka : great food, nice colors,  it's not too hot nor to cold and there are a lot of events.
The biggest event of autumn is call AkiHaku. Everyday during October to November, there are festival, events, stamps rally and so on every day.
Fukuoka become mush more lively than it's already it.

This year I went for the first time to the Hakata Light Up Walk festival.

Hakata Light Up Walk 2016
Hakata Light Up Walk 2016

Discovering Yabakei

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Last month, I was invited to discover Yabakei gorges in Oita prefecture. I enjoyed a bus tour, maple leaves, stranges dolls and beautiful landscapes.

Nenbutsu Bridge

My daily life in Fukuoka #16

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Autumn arrived in Japan and a cold wind started to blow in Fukuoka. The trees are still red but the Christmas decorations and illuminations are already everywhere.

 My daily life in Fukuoka #16

Ichi-go ichi-e

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This article was a request from the Japanese airline ANA.

Last month, I received an email from ANA which offered me to write a sponsorised article about "ichi-go ichi-e" and Japanese food culture. The deal was to share a video on my blog and write my feelings about it while talking about food culture in Japan. As ANA is a company that I like very much and the idea appealed to me, I immediately accepted.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #11 - Momiji Hachimangu

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November in Fukuoka means momiji and koyo season (momiji = red maple leaves, koyo = leaves changing colors in autumn).
What would have been more perfect than going to the Momiji Hachimangu shrine in Fukuoka ?

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #11 - Momiji Hachimangu
Fukuoka Kimono Walk #11 - Momiji Hachimangu

[Kyushu food] Dago-jiru receipe

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have you ever heard about dago-jiru? It is a delicious soup from Kumamoto - Oita area. Think about a classic miso soup, remove the tofu, add plenty of vegetables and some delicious raviolis and you have a dago-jiru.

Dago-jiru, Kumqmoto speciality

My list of dreams (bucket list)

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I 'm a great dreamer and this since my childhood.
I'm always thinking about a lot of things so I almost never get bored and so staying alone has never been a problem for me. Sometimes I think so hard that I don't hear people voice haha.

Well,  I always have a lot dreams in my head. Until now they were either stored in a corner of my head or written in a messy way in various documents on my computer. But it was before I discovered the bucket list.

My list of dreams, bucket list about Japan

My daily life in Fukuoka #15

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October is my favorite month in the year and I planned to go to take lots of pictures but surprisingly I haven't done much this month. Well, to be exact, everything I did was written down here so I have almost nothing to talk about.

Cosmos field, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #10

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After two months, I'm back with a new number of my Fukuoka Kimono Walk project. And yes I'm also back on Blogger because WP multilingual SEO really sucks and both English and Japanese blogs weren't well referenced on Google anymore so...

But I'm not writing a SEO guide article but a FKW one so let me introduce you October's pictures that I took in a lovely Japanese garden in center Fukuoka : Rakusuien.
Fukuoka Kimono Walk
Fukuoka Kimono Walk

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #6

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Sixth edition of Fukuoka Kimono Walk ! Already half a year passed ! Time flies so quickly and I'm happy to always have as much fun as I have at the beginning. This time, I went to Hakozaki shrine in eastern Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk, June edition
Fukuoka Kimono Walk, June edition

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Last month I did a walk in northern Fukuoka, in Fukutsu city. If I go there mainly in summer for the pool (which unfortunately closed down last August) and the huge Aeon Mall, Fukutsu also offers great beaches and Miyajidake shrine where I went that day. Yes again a sanctuary, I didn't went to shrines for a long time and I kind of missed that.

Miyajidake shrine, Fukuoka
Miyajidake shrine

My favorite Japan-related Youtubers

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For several weeks I watch more and more videos on YouTube.
Generally I launch videos as bgm while working and I'll watch once again properly back at home. Everything I watch is Japan-related and I found a lot of interesting channels. Here is a selection of my favorite (and currently active) ones, and hope it makes you discover new things.
Sorry there are half of them which are in French.

My favorite Japan-related Youtubers

Yutoku Inari, northern Kyushu's most beautiful shrine

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It is time to finish the story of my day in Saga !
I stopped my article when I was in Takeo Onsen while I was going to take the bus to a mystery location ... I was actually off to the Yutoku Inari shrine, a beautiful place that was the highlight of the day.

Prédiction omikuji devant le sanctuaire Yûtoku Inari
Prédiction omikuji devant le sanctuaire Yûtoku Inari

My daily life in Japan #11

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Before making up to June and the rainy season (which haven't begun yet in Fukuoka ), back on the fifth month of the year between a nice trip to Okinawa, a less nice bronchitis, painting on fish and vlog updates !

Facing the amazing Higashi Hennazaki cap
Facing the amazing Higashi Hennazaki cap

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #5

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For this fifth edition of Fukuoka Kimono Walk, I take you in a Japanese garden. We are still in spring but my walk smelled like summer.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #5 - Béné no Fukuoka ! may 2016
Fukuoka Kimono Walk #5

My Japanese madeleine de Proust

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Like everyone else I have tastes, smells or sounds that revive in me some special memories.
Recently, I realized that I also had these things in my Japan life and it's reassuring.
Here are some of my most precious Japanese madeleine de Proust !

"Madeleine de Proust" or Proust’s "sponge cake"  is a French fairly common expression. It refers to a passage in one of Marcel Proust’s (famous writter) books where he talks about how eating a madeleine brings him childhood memories. Learn in details about this expression here.

Melon pan
A delicious melon pan from the bakery near my working place

Melon pan's taste

I can't remember when I ate my first melon pan (メロンパン), this delicious bread with a sweet crust on the top. Was it during my first trip or maybe during the second ? No idea. However, every time I bite into the bread, it reminds me of my very first trips to Japan. For me this is THE quintessential taste of Japan and it is thanks to it that I had the idea of ​​this short article.

The rain

My very first stay in Japan was under water : it rained almost all the time. Since, each rainy day in Japan brings me back to April 2006's atmosphere when we visited such places as Kyoto with an umbrella and I loved it. That's why I lovewhen it's raining when I visit a shrine or temple in Japan and I'm happy about the rainy season to come  (who said I'm weird ?) .

Trains' melodies

Having taken the train daily dice my second stay, trains sounds always bringing me a whiff of nostalgia. Two in particular are precious to me : the closing doors sound and the Takadanobaba Station's melody on the Yamanote Line in Toyko because I went down to that station to go to school. Besides, I had all the Yamanote melodies in my iPod for years.

Fried eggs topped with black pepper

It was the breakfast I ate daily throughout the month I spent in a host family back in sumemr 2007. This family wasn't friendly and I don't have great memories with them but this taste is special to me. I didn't like pepper and I still don't like it so much but if it's with fried eggs it taste delicious.

Summer nights

Still something that takes me back in July - August 2007, during my second trip.I was with a friend in this host family and we loved going out at night (it's not too difficult because it was dark at 20pm) after dinner and spending time at the small park near the house. The heat and wetness and the sounds of the night greatly influenced me even if I hate Japanese summers.

Peach's smell

I discovered in Japan peach flavored drinks and products. It instantly became a favorite of mine not only the taste but also the smell. Each morning I used to buy my peach juice can and delighted me with  its delicate fragrance and taste. I'm the type of girl  to love a product, eat/drink it a lot, get tired and not touch it anymore but this one is different. When I feel down I love smelling peach to give me energy.

While writing this article, I noticed that most of my madeleine de Proust aren't really things that remind me my very first trip to Japan but my second. Maybe it's because the first one was a tour and I was just with French while in the second I was in total immersion ?
Anyway I still have fun to remember this feelings. Although I realized the dream 10 years ago myself and it's been 4 years that I live full time in Japan, I'm still excited remembering these memories, as if I'd lived in France and that I still had never been in Japan actually. Funny feeling .

And you, do you have some things that have a special meaning to you?

A disappointing morning at Mifuneyama Rakuen

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Last month I spent a day in Saga prefecture as you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook. At first I wanted to make a single article on this day but I realized that I had too many photos to share , and that the length of the article wouldn't be decent. So here is the first part of my trip, at Mifuneyama garden and in the city of Takeo Onsen.

Jardin Mifuneyama Rakuen, Saga, Takeo Onsen
Mifuneyama Rakuen garden, Takeo Onsen

Things I DON'T like in Fukuoka

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Last week, I was wrongfully critized on Twitter by someone who told me that I was defending Fukuoka no matter what. Even if it is true that I love my city, I am still aware of its weak points (or I'd have a serious problem).I was thinking about an article of this kind since couple weeks ago and since I'm working on this for my European tourism  developpement paper so I thought timing would be perfect.
Here are 6 things that I don't like in Fukuoka.

 Fukuoka under the clouds
Fukuoka under the clouds with South Korea consulate and Fukuoka Tower

A spring afternoon in Fukuyoshi

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That day was the last day in Fukuoka for my mother. I planned to take her on the island of Nokonoshima for cherry trees and especially the giant rapeseed field. Arrived on the pier there was so many people for the ferry as it would have taken more than an hour before boarding so we gave up . I didn't expect so many people ! Even in the cosmos season there is no queue for the ferry.  Luckily I had a plan B.

Fukuyoshi station
Fukuyoshi station

My daily life in Japan #10

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I just came back from a  wonderful 4 days holidays in Miyakojima (Okinawa) where I completely forgot the blog. Currently I am in my usual "post-Miyako depression" phase and I have high fever but deadlines are deadlines so we go for the story of my April month!

Béné in front of Nokonoshima
A walk near the sea


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Earlier this month, I went for a day in the small town of Yufuin, in the neighboring Oita prefecture. Yufuin has been severely affected by the earthquakes of this month and Oita organizes a campaign to encourage tourists tcome back there. This is the perfect time to publish an article about my visit !

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #4

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It's already the time for the fourth issue of Fukuoka Kimono Walk, my Fukuoka x kimono one year project. This month, I guide you in Gokusho-machi district and to temples such as the famous Tocho-ji.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #4 - april 2016

Miyazaki : from Aoshima island to Udo shrine

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It's been a week since Kumamoto and Oita earthquakes.
It's difficult to know when it's the right time to blog normally again after a disaster but Bene no Fukuoka ! is a cheerful and positive blog. I want to move forward , continue to show you the beauty of my island Kyushu.

I will talk longer about the the consequences of the earthquakes on the local tourism and my fears about this in my monthly daily life article but for now I'll finish the story of my journey to Miyazaki last month.
I left you when we were in Takachiho. Around 3pm, we took the bus bound for Miyazaki city, much further south than our current location.

Undama, Udo shrine, Miyazaki
The famous undama, lucky balls

We ♡ Kumamoto

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I wanted to thank everyone who expressed concern about if I was ok and so would be my friends.
I didn't take the time yet to answer to everyone but I'll do it progressively. Just know that I'm fine and my friends / boyfriend too.

On the internet, in the newspaper or on TV, we see enough footages of damages that I didn't want to show that too. Instead, I prefer to show you the beauty of Kumamoto city and prefecture. Because Kumamoto is a beautiful region, so rich in history and so fantastic that they will be strong. There is no doubt about that.
Ma participation au hastag #くまモン頑張れ絵. Courage Kumamoto !
Just an illustration I did for the  #くまモン頑張れ絵. 

April 14th and 16th 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

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Basically I planned to post another article.
Basically I wanted to talk about the second part of my lovely tripin Miyazaki.
But now, while I was writing my article, at 9:26 p.m. local time, a magnitude 7 earthquake hit the island of Kyushu (southwest Japan) where I live and as it was quite a shock I wanted to talk about it.

TV news just after the earthquake
TV news just after the earthquake

Sakura fever

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Fukuoka,  Avril 7th 2016

Last night a storm blown up the last cherry blossoms petals that were on the trees. The sakura season is over. Already. Everything happened so fast. I'd like to be able to see these flowers all year but in an other another hand, its quick bloom makes its charms.

Welcome to a pink and white world.

Sakura 2016, Chûô park, Fukuoka
Under Fukuoka's sakura

My daily life in Japan #9

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In March take your coat even when it's warm.
This could sum up well  last month which was still pretty cold but now winter coat is in the closet until the end of the year !
To not change since the beginning of the year, March was a pretty busy month so I 'm struggling to remember everything. Let's try to remember all.

Béné no Fukuoka, Ohori park
A risky place to shoot my yoghurt ! 

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #3

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Third issue of my kimono x Fukuoka project : Fukuoka Kimono Walk. This month I went to Shofu-en garden.
Fukuoka Kimono Walk

Mystic Takachiho

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Last weekend, I went to spend 3 days in Miyazaki prefecture, in the southeast of Kyushu island. My first and only trip to Miyazaki was in 2011. I had spent two days in the main city and I couldn't do anything because of the heavy rain. I decided to take a revenge and to go this month. My mother is currently in Fukuoka so I also wanted to show her some Kyushu.
Today I take you in the mountains, in the small village of Takachiho.

Les gorges de Takachiho
Takachiho gorges

My Japanese habits... or not !

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Version française  |  日本語バージョンはこちら

When living in a foreign country, it is no uncommon to take some local habits and customs. I'm certainly not an exception.
Here are three Japanese habits I have adopted and three who will probably remain strange to me forever.

Sanctuaire Yanagawa-gokoku, Yanagawa city, Fukuoka
Yanagawa-gokoku shrine, Yanagawa city, Fukuoka

The little things that make me happy #2

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Version française  |  日本語バージョンはこちら

In this article series, I show 7 little pleasure of my daily life in Japan.

Pink-illuminated Hakata station for the cherry blossom season

Gare Hakata, illuminations cerisiers
Spring illuminations in Hakata

A family day in Nagasaki

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Following my interview in the Nishi Nippon newspaper  of January 1st, I was contacted by the Nagasaki Prefecture's Industry, Food and Local products promotion Department. They wanted to invite me to discover the regional specialties.

Abris-bus fruit de Nagasaki
A tomato-shapped bus stop in Hisahaya, Nagasaki

My Japanese daily life #8

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I'm sorry for my long absence but I didn't have internet at home for more than a week and it was hard to write (as well as responding to emails and comments !!!) from iPhone.

Overall, February has been a busy month, punctuated by my Hokkaido trip, a Nagasaki one day travel and all the preparations for moving !

Déménagement peluches kawaii

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #2

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Here coms already the second edition of my new project : Fukuoka Kimono Walk,. This time, I bring you to Maizuru park to see the beautiful plum blossoms. 

Fukuoka Kimono Walk - Maizuru park

6 nen 4 kumi, the school themed izakaya

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I love Japanese theme cafe and restaurants: I find that fun and cute but we don't have much of that in Fukuoka. Recently we had a Kiki & Lala Cafe (and I just learned that Card Captor Sakura cafe will  open in April !!) but before entering it, I would have to queue for 7 hours on weekends. As I hate waiting, I decided to skip it.
I then reminded about 6 nen 4 kumi  (roku nen yon kumi),a elementary school themed izakaya that I had found a few years ago. With Daisuke, we decided to try it for dinner.

Izakaya à thème 6 nen 4 kumi, Fukuoka

My Japanese daily life #7

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January ended and a busy February starts today. In January, I did a lot of things and was really really busy. I couldn't even finish my Dazaifu vlog even if I promised to upload it last week-end. I will do my best to hurry ! 
Challenge ! Fukuoka Next
"Throught my blog and videos, I want to make Fukuoka wolrd known !"

Snowy Fukuoka

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This weekend to the delight (or not) of its inhabitants, Fukuoka has been covered with an elegant white coat. The temperatures were the coldest for 40 years and the biggest snowfall for more than a century in some places, the Kyushu region has turned into a giant kakigori (shaved ice).

Fukuoka Kimono Walk #1

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New year and new project ! I talked about it for months and finally I started Fukuoka Kimono Walk, my brand new one year photography project which blend harmoniously (if possible) kimono and Fukuoka's traditional places.

Fukuoka Kimono Walk

Kumamoto bus trip : the last day

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Third and final day in Kumamoto : a day divided between a kawaii morning and afternoon in a more traditional atmosphere.

Sanctuaire de Kurokawa Onsen
Kurokawa Onsen's shrine

Kumamoto bus trip : walking in Mount Aso

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Second day of my Kumamoto bus trip. That day, I had planned to go to Mount Aso. The access to the crater, closed for a year and a half now, was still was not permitted but I wouldn't have missed. Unfortunately, because of the great weather all my photos' colors are completely burned. I retouched them thet best I could so be forgiving please.
Cratère Naka-dake, Mont Aso
Naka-dake crater

Kumamoto bus trip : Kumamoto city

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New year holidays are over and the coming back to work was tough. If I did nothing the second half of this vacation (but really nothing, I did'nt even went out !), I went to spend three days in Kumamoto before the new year. This enchanted few days mwas what I needed and I had a little trouble to get back into the daily life again, as every time I sleep in an other place than my home.

Kumamoto castle and SunQ Pass
Welcome to Kumamoto !
Because of saving concerns and because I wanted to go in some remote places, I chose to make this trip by bus using the SunQ Pass (no, this article is not sponsored). This little card allows unlimited travel for a few days over 2000 lines (99%) bus of Kyushu. Find out all about it by reading this page. I will make a report at the end to see if it was profitable and tell my impressions about traveling by bus.

My Japanese daily life #6

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Before anything, I wanted to wish you a very nice and happy new year, full of happiness, health, money, dreams and everything you could desire.
carte du nouvel an Japon