My Japanese daily life #5

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Only one month before Christmas and New year ! It is cold, cloudy and it is time for my Japanese daily life monhtly report, written inside the kotatsu.

Chat au Shôfuku-ji, Fukuoka
The little cat you can see in the picture came to sit quietly on my lap while I was satting to play with it during a visit to Shofuku-ji Temple (聖福寺), the oldest Zen temple existing in Japan.
Shofuku-ji's cats (there are about 8 or 9) are particularly sociable because they are pampered by the neighborhood. So they come spontaneously to the visitors who can easily play with them. This cutie seemed to love me because it even took a little nap on me. Fortunately I wasn't in a hurry and I went in jeans because its legs were full of dry land. I'm not a big fan of animals but I like cats ( and shiba-inu) so I spent a great time.

Since few weeks ago, I am really fond of photography. I want to continue to increase the quality of this blog and post more photos on social networks. Photography is a subject I had studied during my web designer studies but it didn't interested me at all. Today I really regret to have sleept during this classes.
To study, I documented myself on the internet (any recommendations ?) about how to take beautiful pictures and learn how to use properly my camera. Until this month, I was using the advanced automatic function but I started to touch the settings. It's hard and I am often disappointed seeing a picture that I failed but I persevere .
Also, I joined earlier this month the  Fukuoka Camera Walk project which  is a group of young amateur photographers in Fukuoka. There are monthly events and as I couldn't go to the November one, I can't wait to go to the December one to meet other members.

Fukuoka sud
South Fukuoka
Fukuoka est
East Fukuoka
Meanwhile, as a practice, I visit the buildings near my company in the hope of finding a window showing a lovely view of Fukuoka. I work in the Tenjin district which is full of tall buildings and there are many good pictures spots. Before coming to work here , I would never dare to venture into these towers without working in it but now .. I just visit freely :)

Cours de kitsuke

I continue the kitsuke lessons even if I can't go there often because of work. I finally got to dress in kimono by myself for the first time earlier this month and despite big pain in the arms, it was a great pride.
During the course, we can borrow for free school kimonos and I especially like the one I wear on the picture above. If I wouldbuy one, it would surely be one like this.
The second part of the course being much less exciting (mainly conferences), I intend to stop going. I won't receive the certificate but I don't care. Work first !

Jardin du sanctuaire Heian, Kyôto
 Heian Shrine garden
Momiji au Jardin du sanctuaire Heian, Kyôto

Momiji au Jardin du sanctuaire Heian, Kyôto

Momiji et suirokaku (aqueduc) au Nanzen-ji, Kyôto
Suirokaku and momiji
Momiji au Nanzen-ji, Kyôto

I went to spend a whole day in Kyoto to renew my passport. French people can do that in two cities only : Tokyo and Kyoto. Not very convinient for thos who are living far away like me. Of course, we can only do that on weekdays. I lost one day of salary (and another when I will have to pick it up), had to pay shinkasen transportation fee : it became too much expensive !

Once I finished, I had my whole afternoon free to visit Kyoto. But I had to visit under a heavy rain that hit the city on that day. We had the same time the day before in Fukuoka so I knew what to expect but I still decide to visit a bit because it's not so often that I have the opportunity to come .
The good news is that thanks to the rain there was hardly anyone and maples were all for me.
By cons I ended up soaked ..After visiting the Nanzen-ji where I finally finished to wet my bag, I went to McDonald to charge my iPhone while staying dry until the time of my train . Hopefully when I will go again next month, weather would be better.

Café de Fukuoka, Larme, Yotsuba&!

November means reading. I bought some books and magazine for warm afternoons under the kotatsu. : Tthe Larme magazine which I love, a guidebook about the best cafe in Fukuoka to learn about perfect places to take Daisuke or my friends and the only manga that I read : Yotsuba&! If you have any suggestions of manga in the same style (or like Chibi Maruko-chan or Sazae-san) , let me know !

Otherwise, I did a lot of things in November!
I started the month with a photo shooting for the iPhone application Bijin Tokei (美人時計) . This is a clock which time is written on blackboard  carried by pretty girls in each region of Japan. There is a new photo every minute. It sounds a little weird but it is quite healthy and relatively popular here . They asked me to participate and I agreed. I'm still waiting to receive the pictures and to be informed on what time I will appear.

Nishi Nippon newspaper

Another subject, another atmosphere. I was interviewed by the Nishi Nippon newspaper (西日本新聞), which is the most distributed newspaper on Kyushu, about Parisian terror attacks. The subject was "how a French citizen living in Fukuoka think about the attacks".  The interview was difficult because of the sensitive subject and words wasn't always easy to find. You can read the original Japanese article on the newspaper's website and find a quick ranslation on this page.

Tournage pour la TV de Fukuoka
I touch my hair when I am ashamed
I don't intend to end this article on a sad note so let's talk about more cheerful things. I went to a video shooting with my work for the online Fukuoka Prefecture TV. This time, I wasn't supposed to stay behind and learn, I was here to be a reporter !  Talking to a camera , learning some lines written in advance, havind the right face experssion at the right time, everything is difficult.
When I 'm alone I can redo as many time as I want and even do silly things in front of the camera but this time I was really serious and had a lot of pressure. Although I knew very well the team behind the camera, I was very shy and I was sorry to have to redo the same thing several times. Before discovering this video, there is still a lot of things to do such a narration. Another new experience!

I also did a photo shooting, again for the prefecture (yes we work a lot for them) because I have to appear on one of their site current 2016. On this site, I will represent Fukuoka city so I had to choose placed that I like and/or go oftenly. I had a lot of places in mind but between those that looked too much to other places already taken in other cities and those where we needed to have a permit, it was difficult to choose. At the end, I requested to go to different places to show the variety of Fukuoka city landscapes : Tenjin district, a beach near Umi no Nakamichi, a park inIsland City and Aburayama for some mountain pictures.
Here are some of my favorites. The rest will be online, to be discovered next year ...

Bénédicte Charré - Béné no Fukuoka !

Bénédicte Charré - Béné no Fukuoka !

Bénédicte Charré - Béné no Fukuoka !

Pénorama Aburayama, Fukuoka
Click on the picture to discover it in full size
There are too many pictures of me on this blog recently. One year ago there was juste a single one. I want to disappear a little bit again.

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