Christmas 2015 : sushis, cranes & illuminations

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This year I haven't been in a Christmas mood before the last minute : I didn't even decorated my home !
If Christmas in Japan is day spent with lovers or family, I usually spend it alone. Indeed, Daisuke  is working late so I set myself small traditions and it reassures me to follow them each year. Far from KFC, cosplay parties and other Christmas cakes filled with cream, here is how was my Christmas 2015 .

Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka
Welcome to Hakata !
On the 2th, I had a business daytrip to Kagoshima prefecture. Delayed multiple times, I was happy to finally be able to go, but quite honestly, I wasn't really helpful. I think it's my senior  who wanted to make me discover the area I went more than anything. I don't complain, I was super happy to escape one day from the city.

Parallel to our meeting, we had lunch at a delightful restaurant in the small town of Akune (阿久根), famous for its huge grapefruits, its deer island and the beauty of its coast. Too bad that the island is assignable now, the port has been half destroyed by a typhoon in early autumn (reopening scheduled in March).
Instead, we went to the nearby city of Izumi (出水) to see the cranes who come to spend the winter in this Kyushu area. They come mostly from Central Asia and Izumi is the only place in the world where they come in such large numbers. The day of our visit they were more than 14 000 but the maximum is 20 000 (towards the end of January) ! There is an observatory which costs 210 yens but quite frankly, we had a better view from the road. It was the first time I saw this birds so I was really happy, and it was indeed impressive.

Oh, about the place where we had lunch, I recommend it really much ! It is called Taro Sushi. We all went for the ladies set (1500 yens) that exceeded what we could imagine : it was huge ! On the menu there were: sushis, makis and inari sushis, tenpuras, a big salad, chawanmushi egg custard, miso soup and sashimis. Everything was fresh, tasty and beautifully presented as the very nice sushis plate. I loved the tea glasses ! I want one so much now.

Tarô sushi, Akune, Kagoshima

Tarô sushi, Akune, Kagoshima
I wanted this so bad !
Tarô sushi, Akune, Kagoshima
Ladies set : 1500 yens
Izumi Crane Center, Izumi, Kagoshima

Izumi Crane Center, Izumi, Kagoshima

Izumi Crane Center, Izumi, Kagoshima
From the road
Izumi Crane Center, Izumi, Kagoshima
From the observatory
On the 24th evening, I have a tradition since I arrived in Japan: eating at kaiten-sushi but as I ate too much for lunch, I wasn't hungry at all so I decided to postpone. I nevertheless finished the last chocolate in my advent calendar . See you next year my dear calendar!

December 25th was also a normal day. I went to work and had a small meeting at Fukuoka city hall. it was only after I finishing my working day that I have met the Christmas spirit. I went to photograph the illuminations, as I do every year. Many of them are dismantled during the night of the 25th and I always rushed at the last minute to go.
This year I went to the Fukuoka Tower, Ohori Park and Tenjin area. It may sound silly but these thousands blinking little lights made me remember how much I love my life here. Despite the couples who were walking beside me, I didn't felt alone. I love to walk and take my time to observe and take pictures. Anyway,Daisuke being at work I had no choice.

Illuminations de Noël, Fukuoka Tower, Fukuoka

Illuminations de Noël, Ohori park, Fukuoka
Ohori park illulinations
Illuminations de Noël, Tenjin, Fukuoka
In front of Tenjin Parco
For dinner, I finally went to eat my traditional sushis. I introduced this tradition in 2012 when after school my friends and I went for a sushi lunch and since I wouldn't miss this tradition! I prefer so much my little unpretentious sushis to the fanciest restaurant like most couples are going to.
For my Christmas sushis, I always go to the same place : Uo bei (魚べい). These are not the best in the world but it's effective. Dare I confess that I ate 9 plates? Since that year they removed the treadmill (and the Saint-Jacques shell sushis, I am not happy !! ) to keep only the touch panel. Is it the kaiten-sushi future?

Before going back home, I took my time to photograph the illuminations in the front of Hakata station, which is transformed into a magical world as every year, and those of the Canal City mall that I didn't rally like. I think I could spend hours in Hakata when illuminations are on. It's so beautiful to see. I would like the station remains illuminated like this all year but being ephemeral is what gives its charm right ?

Sushis de noël

Kaiten sushi
Pepper / mayonnaise grilled salmon sushis. Yummy !
Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka

Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka

Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka

Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka

Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka

Illuminations de Noël, Canal City, Fukuoka
Canal City
Last night, as Daisuke was finally on vacation, I made dinner at home and we exchanged gifts. An  evening spent in the kotatsu and under the light of lanterns and other artificial candles. Recently, I don't use my biggest light, I prefer small touches here and there. It makes the atmosphere a little more cozy and perfect for such evenings.
No KFC so but still homemade fried chicken, a spinach and mushroom gratin and bean sprouts, cucumber and carrots salad with sesame. And rice for Mr., of course. Itadakimasu !

repas de Noël chez Béné no Fukuoka !

Chez moi - Béné no Fukuoka !

I am in holidays for 6 days from tonight.  Daisuke returned to his parents house so I planned a three days trip somewhere in Kyushu. Departure is tomorrow !
I'll post a last article before the 1st so I still reserve my wishes but here's a creation I made ​​for a video that I didn't shot at the end. Did you have a good Christmas?

Création de Noël

useful words

Christmas : Christmas (クリスマス)
Crane : tsuru (鶴)
Business trip : shucchô (出張)
Habbit : jôshû (常習)
Having a walk alone : hitori aruki (一人歩き)

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