Christmas 2015 : sushis, cranes & illuminations

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This year I haven't been in a Christmas mood before the last minute : I didn't even decorated my home !
If Christmas in Japan is day spent with lovers or family, I usually spend it alone. Indeed, Daisuke  is working late so I set myself small traditions and it reassures me to follow them each year. Far from KFC, cosplay parties and other Christmas cakes filled with cream, here is how was my Christmas 2015 .

Illuminations de Noël, Hakata station, Fukuoka
Welcome to Hakata !

Fukuoka : my advices and secrets

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In addition to guide books,  I always liked to have reviews from people living or people who have visited a place I want to visit. They often have good advices to share that can dramatically change a journey. That's why I decided to deliver you all my secrets and advices on Fukuoka.

Béné no Fukuoka !

Strolling in Dazaifu

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On Saturday morning, I got up early and I decided to go to the nearby town of Dazaifu (太宰府). My last time there was few monthes ago and as my coworkers told me that the mapple tree leaves were at their best, it was a great occasion to go. I think I was right because in fact autumn is finally here ! It's just very late compared to other years.

Béné no Fukuoka ! - Dazaifu
I do have legs, I was just seating in seiza :)

Learning Japanese : my background and tips

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A reader asked me to write an article to tell how I learned Japanese. Having been a little sick and busy last weekend, I couldn't do what I had planned for the blog, I was thinking about republish old articles. This request was made at the perfect time.
So here you are : my background and my tips to  how learn and improve in Japanese !

Béné no Fukuoka ! - Studying Japanese

My Japanese daily life #5

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Only one month before Christmas and New year ! It is cold, cloudy and it is time for my Japanese daily life monhtly report, written inside the kotatsu.

Chat au Shôfuku-ji, Fukuoka