Sunny sunday at the farm

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As you surely know, they were terrorist attacs in Paris. I was lucky enough to not have any member of my family, friends or acquaintancethat was concerned but as a French citiznen I was chocked and sad. For 3 days, I couldn't stop watching a French news channel and I feel strange emotions : I am far but at the same time close, I feel surrounded by friends and boyfriends but only because few people understand this spirit of national solidarity.
Because it is important to move forward and it 's good to see other things, I wanted to show you the beautiful landscapes I saw this weekend . The story is not very long, nor provided, I hope you understand .

Sunday we rented a car, and drove towards Fukuoka's southern mountains and the Mo Mo Land farm which litterely means moo moo land. I wanted to share the translation because it makes me laugh so hard.

Mo Mo Land is a huge park that overlooks the Fukuoka city, with large enclosures with walking trails, playgrounds and farm buildings. It's really a space designed for families and children, making them discover and inderstand  world of the farm and its products : milking cows, making butter and ice, planting flowers or herbs discovery.  The park is really big but there are only few animals. A dozen cows and a half-dozen sheep and a few goats, rabbits and chickens. At least they do not lack space!
It was a simple day. We started by going to see the cows and we try milking before having a walk to  enjoy the fall colors. We went to say hello to the sheep and carps splashing in a pond before having lunch : a omelette with a farmer creamy sauce terribly delicious. We made giant bubbles and enjoyed the slide as children and we had the best soft cream.  We were one of the few visitors without children but from the moment we got out the bubbles, we found ourselves surrounded by a dozen toddlers. Daisuke, being a kindergarten teacher, knew exactly what to do to amuse them and it was very funny to see the parents thank us when we went away .

Good fresh air, beads of dew on the grass, animals, calm and beautiful colors. Playing, eating soft cream, being surrounded by a swirl of dead leaves, petting the sheeps, getting rosy cheeks with the cool wind at the end of the day : this is what I needed. Damn, it feeled good !

Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka
Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

traite des vaches, Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

traite des vaches, Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka
Daisuke is trying milking...

Bulles géantes, Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka
... and I was 3 again, playing with bubbles.
Automne à Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

Automne à Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

Automne à Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

Automne à Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

ootd,  Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

Glace au lait de vache, Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka
The farm milk soft cream was delicious.
Mo Mo Land, Fukuoka

Bokujô (牧場) : farm
Dôbutsu (動物) : animal
Ushi (牛) : cow
Shabondama (シャボン玉) : bubbles
Kôyô (紅葉) : autumn colors

MO-MO LAND (もーもーらんど) 
Adress :
710-2, Hibaru, Minami-ku, Fukuoka

Phone number :

Price :

Opening hours:
Everyday (except wednesdays) between 9am and 5pm.
Restaurant is closed in winter (from december)

Access :
Go to the  Fukudai-mae (福大前駅) subway station (Nanakuma line) and get out at the exit n°1. Take the bus at the  Fukudai Seimon-mae (福大正門前) stop and get out at  Aburayama bokujo (油山牧場). Bus fare is 210 yens.
Be careful : bus is running only on weekends and public holidays between march and november

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