My Japanese daily life #4

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It is time for my monthly review ! 
To start October in the best way, my mom came to visit me from 3rd to 15th for my birthday. It's been a year and a half we hadn't meet and it made ​​me very happy and feel good to speak French  even if I immediately saw the consequences on my Japanese. 
On the d-day, October 9th, I took her for a lunch in one of my favorite places where we go sometimes with my colleagues : Miyachiku  a teppanyaki restaurant serving delicious Miyazaki beef. While writing this article, I realized that I had lost all my photos of this special meal... I only have that raw meat and photos that my mom took but only the picture of me was good enough to post here (the reste was too small). Anyway I'll talk about this place again so...
Unlike the last time with my colleagues, the chef was really super nice and we talked a lot . If I didn't mention it was my birthday (I was embarrassed) at the time I booked, it came naturally in the conversation and he prepared me the surprises that birthday customers usually got : a special dessert special and photo. I thought it was very nice of him .

Miyachiku, Fukuoka

Boeuf de Miyazaki, Miyachiku, Fukuoka

Gâteau d'anniversaire Japon

Daisuke et Béné, un couple mixte franco-japonais
I hope Daisuke won't find this !
The next day, October 10th, after my kimono photo shooting in the morning and the trip to Umi no nakamichi in the afternoon, I came home to change clothes as Daisuke had reserved a small Italian restaurant. This restaurant is hidden in an apartment on the top floor of a normal building. There is no panel, no name, you really have to know the place to go.
Comfortably seated in a comfy sofa, we could enjoy a cozy atmosphere and delicious Italian food. For dessert, it was obviously a surprise cake (too bad I hate tiramisu but Daisuke was happy to eat mine) !

If 27 years was quite a choc to me, I fear my 28 with more serenity even if the number 30 makes me very afraid. I start to tell me that I 'm closer to 30 than 20, and one day I will have to stop myself doing some things. At least I gave up my dream to become a member of an idol group again.
But I can not help it, since I arrived in Japan I am so happy that I want to take the opportunity to do lots of things I could never do in France . For example...

Lise, Lily and me in kimono
I had my first offer for kimono model photo shooting : a collaboration between a kimono rental shop and the city of Fukuoka. We were three : an American, a Vietnamese and me. We had to wear beautiful kimonos, our hair done like princesses and then had our pictures taken in a Japanese garden in Fukuoka, playing with carp, having tea, playing with origami and so on. I can't wait to receive the pictures! I also look forward to returning in the garden that will be the first place that I would present you next month, as part of my kimono x Fukuoka project.

Modeling is something that interests me more and more, but only for the things I like like  promoting Fukuoka and Kyushu and also in kimono. By cons I absolutely don't want to enter a model agency, as is customary to do here. If I have to have proposals, I prefer them to be a "reward" for the work I provide on the blog instead it comes to me only because I signed up somewhere.
I spoke a few months ago of an agency that had contacted me for a project: they wanted me as a reporter for the C Channel website. If it seemed rather a good thing, the launch party was so terrible for me that I canceled without even having posted a single video. No regrets but just, what is unfortunate, is that the casting of the only TV show I dream to do "Hello! Fukuoka-ken" (a very short show where foreign people present Fukuoka) is managed by the agency. Cancelling my participation in C Channel surely made me blacklisted. By cons, through my work, I had the chance to meet the person in charge of this program one the prefecture side. I will see that side and hope it  would work.

Logo Kyushu Article Contest 2015
Speaking of work, several sites which I am in charge of was released this month. The logo above is the one I created for the Kyushu Article Contest 2015. At the end, client wanted something very simple but I like the former one a lot so I kept it. I think of using it sooner or later for one of my projects of for work. Now let's talk in the detail.  

So there is the Kyushu Article Contest 2015 one. This is a contest open to any non-Japanese who has lived and / or traveled in Kyushu. We must share the Kyushu island charms through a blog article to expect to win prizes like vouchers for hotels or transportation pass.
I intend to write my article in November, I already have a very clear idea of what I want to talk about. I 'm lucky that our client don't know my name or I think I would be disqualified.. Hey it is not as if I worked for the company that organizes the contest but since I designed the website...
Well, I hope that many will apply.

The second one is my biggest project : the design of the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organisation website. It was not very hard to do better than the thing they had before but I'm happy with the result and I particulary like the slidder with the map. For now, just a small part of the content is online, the rest will come between December and March. Thank you for your remarks about the slow loading images, I told developers and it will be ok for December.

The third andthe last project this month is the Yagama Lantern Promotion society website.a Yamaga (山鹿) is a town in the neighboring Kumamoto Prefecture. While designing, I not only discovered a new place but also a part of the Kumamoto culture which I didn't know. It was nice to design and again, I 'm happy with the resutl. I don't know if an English version will be made one day but in the meantime I will try to present you this little town, in January or February, when I will go for a festival

Tonkotsu ramen, Shin Shin, Fukuoka
Tonkotsu ramen at Shin Shin.
Nokonoshima, port, Fukuoka

Cosmos, Nokonoshima, Fukuoka
Nokonoshima Island Park
Cosmos, Nokonoshima, Fukuoka

Nokonoshima, Fukuoka

Cosmos, Nokonoshima, Fukuoka

Last Sunday, I met my best Japanese friend, Mana, which lives in Tokyo. We are friends for 10 years and the last time we met was 2 years ago.  After I picked up her  at the Fukuoka airport, we went to eat one of the typical dishes of Fukuoka : tonkotsu ramen, at Shin Shin, one of the best ramen-ya of the city... where I didn't went yet. When the weather cools down, yummy ramen are always good . It encouraged me to go eating some by myself at lunch even if a single woman usually don't do that. Well I am a forigner so I will pretend that I didn't know.
Once finished our meal, we went on the Nokonoshima island (能古島) to see the cosmos fields at Nokonoshima Island Park. Despite an impressive crowd in the boat and the bus, the park was large enough to not be on top of each other . Cosmos is always a nice thing to see and this time it was perfect. Late bloomers cosmos were in full bloom and few normal ones still remained. I love the pink, green and blue view.

Acros, Fukuoka

Acros, Fukuoka
Acros building
October was particularly sunny. We call this phenomenon akibare (秋晴れ), which means sunny autumn. Not far away from my work is the Chûô park and the famous Acros Fukuoka building.
I saw on Instagram that the leaves colors began to change so I went for a walk there during my lunch break. It was a very peaceful and pleasant moment. I think I would eat lunch in this park now. Only sunny days and before winter starts, of course. I want to enjoy autumn to be outside the most as I can  because in winter Japan can be quite depressing with brown everywhere.

Affiche pour la fête de Shichi-go-san
Shichi-go-san poster
Finally, I found a nice retro looking poster announcing the Shichi-go-san (七五三) festival which celebrates children aged of 3, 5 and 7 years old. After the festival, in late November , I'd love to bring it back home. Should I ask the shrine ?

How about this posts?