My Japanese daily life #4

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It is time for my monthly review ! 
To start October in the best way, my mom came to visit me from 3rd to 15th for my birthday. It's been a year and a half we hadn't meet and it made ​​me very happy and feel good to speak French  even if I immediately saw the consequences on my Japanese. 
On the d-day, October 9th, I took her for a lunch in one of my favorite places where we go sometimes with my colleagues : Miyachiku  a teppanyaki restaurant serving delicious Miyazaki beef. While writing this article, I realized that I had lost all my photos of this special meal... I only have that raw meat and photos that my mom took but only the picture of me was good enough to post here (the reste was too small). Anyway I'll talk about this place again so...
Unlike the last time with my colleagues, the chef was really super nice and we talked a lot . If I didn't mention it was my birthday (I was embarrassed) at the time I booked, it came naturally in the conversation and he prepared me the surprises that birthday customers usually got : a special dessert special and photo. I thought it was very nice of him .

Miyachiku, Fukuoka

Hakata Akihaku's lanterns illuminations

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Autumn is one of the best season to visit Japan, I won't teach you something. But did you know that this is definitely THE best time to visit Fukuoka ? While the cherry blossoms are also beautiful to see, fall has a special flavor : sunny, comfortable temperature and especially tthe entertainment as Fukuoka 's fall is synonymous with festivals.

Hakata Okunchi Festival, Kushida shrine, Fukuoka

My kimono photoshoot

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One of my biggest regrets of my Japanese life is to never have been able to wear furisode (振袖, long sleeves kimono). When you are a young unmarried  woman aged 18-25 in Japan, there are two occasions to wear a furisode : the coming of age day, at 20 (成人式, seijin shiki) and the graduation ceremony at the university (卒業式, sotsugyo shiki). After, if you are lucky, there are also wedding ceremonies but this is rather uncommon or at least not every month.

At 20, I was in France and at my Japanese graduation ceremony , I was... in suit. Indeed, I was convinced that I would have to buy a kimono and considering the price it was clearly impossible. A few days before the ceremony, my friends of ASO48 told me a furisode and hakama set could rent but of course it was too late, as most students reserve their one  more than six months in prior. So I attended the ceremony in a black suit, suronded by dozen of Japanese wearing colorful furisode / hakama. To make up for this, I decided to offer me a photo shoot in this traditionnal clothing with my degree. But, busy with my new job, this idea got completely out of the head, until my passion for Japanese traditional clothing came back abruptly this summer. I thought back about that shooting and told my mom about it : she decided to offer it to me for my birthday.

Béné no Fukuoka - furisode photoshoot
All the pictures are raw

My Japanese daily life #3

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September ended as fast, if not faster, than August. It is hard to believe that we are already in October, just the day before my birthday (this is subtly placed isn't it?).Well what to say about September...
It was a month full of preparation for everything I undertake and complete from this month  On my days off  I 've been thinking, designing, doing research on the web and so on... for some projects that will get online progressively throughout the fall and next winter. So I didn't do much but still have a few things to tell.

Kurogi-machi, Yame, Fukuoka

Rakusui-en, a tiny garden for a short stroll

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For Japanese garden lovers coming to Fukuoka the Ōhori Park's Japanese garden is a must to go but there are also other small hidden gardens in the city such as the one I will present you today: Rakusui-en (楽水園) .

Rakusui-en, Fukuoka