My Japanese daily life #2

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Earlier this month, for the film's release, some giant Minions settled in the front of Hakata station. There is always a lot of events and exhibitions on this square on weekends, it is nice to go.

Minion Hakata

What really marked my August was my passion for kimonos and Japanese traditional clothing in general that has suddenly came back. In fact, I've always liked kimonos, patterns, how to wear them etc ... Before coming to Fukuoka, I search for some kitsuke lessons (着付け, how to wear kimono) but it was too expensive for my budget so I put that dream aside and forgot it until early August when the festival season has begun.
Opportunities to wear the yukata (浴衣, summer cotton kimono) have increased and my passion has come back like a boomerang. I started by buying a new obi for my yukata, then a jinbei and finally I started to look for kitsuke lessons. I visited two schools: one with very cheap courses (500 yen lesson!) and a very pro one. If I had been excited about the pro school, after reflection, they almost forced me to sign for seven months and pay at once almost 70,000 yen (680 euros). I had hardly finished the test class that they had prepared the registration forms. I dn't like being forced mso I just drop this school. I think I will choose the cheapest one. Hey, I am just starting right ?
Well, anyway, you'll hear of kimono related things from this month because I have many things planned!

Kimono française Béné
I wore it with my clothes on so it is a little messy.
As I speak about kimono, I went to try furisode (振袖, long sleeves kimono) for a special photo shooting session next month. I will talk about that in a later blog but before the shooting, I had to come to the shop and decide which furisode I want to wear. I tried two models. Which one did I choose?

Furisode française Béné

Furisode française Béné

Since I no longer work there, I haven't many occasion to go around Hakata station, except on Sunday evening, when Daisuke has to come back home. But last month, I went to the electronics store Yodobashi Camera Hakata to find a remote for my camera. The seller made me realize that my iPhone could trigger to office so I could keep my money and spend them on 3rd floor, in gashapon (ガシャポン). Yodobashi manages (what they say) the biggest gashapon space of all Kyushu. It's true that it is big ! There are many choices but I managed to remain reasonable and have just caught a small Disney mirror.

le plus grand gashapon de Kyûshû

le plus grand gashapon de Kyûshû

gashapon Japon

This fall I plan to try the cultural activities of Fukuoka for you and put my review on the blog. There are plenty of things to do and it may interest a lot of people going to my town. Besides, I've already been invited to try a tour of Hakata but I was not really convinced: the guides spoke only about architecture and history and it was so boring... It was even difficult to have a real onversation with them as they remained focused on their subject. The moment I hated the most was in the end, when they took me to Guerlain because "you're French so you must love that brand". Also, I didn't like  having to pay for something that basically I was invited for free. It was only 1000 yens out of the 6000 usually requested but still. Anyway like that I didn't like this tour, so I won't adverstize them here.

About cultural activities, SUiTO Fukuoka is a new space that aim to inform foreign residents and travelers and promote Fukuoka. They have a very nice French employee.. In their shop: a tourism area with some information about Fukuoka, a small restaurant space and a room upstairs that can be rented to organize events and workshops. They are a little eccentric but their shop has a really nice atmosphere. It is almost like in a beauty shop and I thought I was mistaken of place when I went.
For now, the planned events and workshops didn't interest me too much but if there is one I would happily register (especially if it's related to kimonos).

Suito Fukuoka

Enfin, j'ai réalisé une nouvelle décoration murale. Le mur au dessus de mon futon était désespérément blanc et triste. Je l'ai habillé de de longues bandes de papier japonais, trouvées dans un magasin de papier. Simple mais efficace, j'ai été inspirée par les obi (ceintures) de kimono. J'ai envie de mettre de plus en plus d'éléments japonais dans mon intérieur : papiers, tissus, tapis en tatamis (à défaut d'en avoir des vrais) etc...
J'ai aussi acheté de la petite vaisselle automnale. Je ne me suis pas ruinée car la plupart des choses ne m'ont coûté que 108 yens. A propos, vi vous chercher de la jolie vaisselle par chère du tout au Japon, direction les 100 yens shop Seria (les deux petits récipients), les magasins Natural Kitchen (baguettes à pois, plateau, dessous de verre biscuit et portes-baguettes champignon et losange) et Nitori (baguettes foncées et portes baguettes en papier japonais).

papier japonais mur

Vaisselle japonaise

Last but not least, a rainbow found randomly in Hakata. Let's go for a a great September !!

arc-en-ciel japon

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