Fukuoka Walks

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I continue to help you discover the cultural tours and activities in Fukuoka with an agency that I tried last week : Fukuoka Walks .

Fukuoka Walks is a company walking offering tours in the city and the prefecture of Fukuoka, as well as cultural activities such as wearing kimono or cooking classes. Everything is orchestrated by English-speaking guides.

It's been a while since I follow this agency on Facebook. They are always posting pictures of their clients with their nationality and I found that very friendly. Obviously there is almost no French national, I saw a picture maybe one or two times only. I thought it was a good opportunity to try a tour and  why not introduce it here!

Pure Smile face masks - O Edo Art edition

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I'm not a beauty blogger.
I 'm not interested ito makeup products, skin care etc ... It must even be a topic that interests me the  less with politics, cars and cinema.
I always apply a very basic make up : fluid foundation, eye shadow in beige and brown tones, mascara and some blush. And still, I started the blush and eye shadow just 2 years ago!
I am always told that make up or not, I have the same face so...
I will surely make scream some beauty experts but I don't put anything more on my skin than a a moisturizer cream ( I'm lucky to have a beautiful skin).

To believe many of my friends , I live on a continent which make wonderful cosmetics and I 'm crazy to not enjoy it more than I do actually. I didn't think about changing my habits, but browsing the net , I found the O-Edo Art face masks of Pure Smile. These paper (or fabric ?) face masks are made to put directly on the skin to deeply moister it.
Their specificity ? It has a kabuki (a traditional Japanese theater) design on them ! I found them to be cool and told myself it would be funny to try and take the opportunity to present them on the blog.

I ordered on Amazon the pack of 3 masks available and I got it for free thanks to the 1000 yens coupon offered by the local magazine Fukuoka Now magazine ( thank you !).

Pure Smile face masks - O Edo Art edition

Kawabata shotengai

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One of the places I like to go the most in Japanese cities are shotengai (商店街) . A shotengai is a shopping street, most of the time covered, lined with all kinds of shops : clothing, traditional souvenirs, street food , hairdressers, vegetables shops, 100 yen shops, and so on.

What I like th most in these streets is it reigns a complete mess in a somewhat retro atmosphere , as if it was a leap in the past, to the Showa period.
The shops have a selection of their products outside and sellers don't hesitate to go to others ones to chat and exchange some goods. It is not uncommon to find no one inside a shop and see the owner suddendly coming back with arms full of goods, apologizing for being absent.
While in the modern shops everything is well and visibly displayed, in shotengai stores, you have to rummage and seek to find your gem. If there are some expensive shops, most of the shops are quite cheap. It is a very good place to find traditional Japanese souvenirs : fans, fabrics, Japanese paper or trinkets.

Maybe it is a bit difficult to imagine so here are some pictures of one of the biggest shotengai in Fukuoka : the Kawabata shotengai  (川端商店街)

Kawabata shôtengai, Fukuoka

My Japanese daily life #2

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Earlier this month, for the film's release, some giant Minions settled in the front of Hakata station. There is always a lot of events and exhibitions on this square on weekends, it is nice to go.

The perfect matsuri outfit

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August is the period for Japanese festivals and this is an opportunity to get out wearing some traditional outfits like yukata, the summer cotton kimono. If I love to wear it during fireworks or at festivals that take place in the evenings, during a matsuri that start from the morning, I like to put a little more comfortable and more fun outfit : jinbei.

Jinbei, vêtement d'été japonais - Béné