Okawachiyama, the ceramiq village

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Last Saturday, I went back to Saga Prefecture to visit the small village of Okawachiyama (大川内山). Discovered on a French blog, I had a crush on this village and waited for the right time to go. So it is done and I was not disappointed by the promenade.

Pont en céramique, Okawachiyama, Saga, Kyushu

Why Japan ?

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"What do you like this much in Japan ?" 
"How did you come to like Japan ?" 
"But... why Japan ?" 
All this so frequently asked questions but which are so difficult to find an answer. Eeach time I have to think and end up telling that it is a long story. In general people don't insist. Sure, I could say that I like the food, landscapes, always on time trains, Japanese service or kawaii everywhere (which is true), but I feel that this isn't the real answer, it actually goes much further.
Arriving in my new job, I was of course under fire of questions for a while and it led me to think: Why Japan?

pourquoi le Japon

Lanterns, jinbei & melon pan

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The Mitama lanterns festival is a festival held each year at Gokoku sanctuary (護国神社) which is close to Ohori Park. This festival is celebrated during Obon (お盆, the festival to celebrate dead people) in many sanctuaries of the country including the controversial Yasukuni Shrine .

You may know I am happy as hellwhen there is a lantern festival  and / or when I can wear traditional Japanese clothes. So I wanted to go to the festival so bad ! Fortunately Daisuke finished his job earlier than usual and was able to meet me at the very end of the afternoon at Hakata station. We decided to wear our jinbei (甚平), this super comfortable clothes that consists of a kimono top and shorts (or skirt for girls).
As I went to Hakata by foot (which takes about 30 minutes), needless to say I was quite uncomfortable to be looked at. It must be said that the festival is not well known and that there was no other one in the area that day so in people's heads there was no reason to wear a jinbei = I was stared.

Jinbei femme au Mitama Matsuri, Fukuoka

Ainoshima, the cat island

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That's a long time since I hadn't talked about Fukuoka, almost 2 months actually! That's not good !  I'm going to be scold (just kidding). In fact I didn't really have time to go through the prefecture recently but Bene is back, more determined than ever !
Today I will introduce you to a magical place that makes dream worldwide feline lovers  : Ainoshima or the cat island.

Holidays at Miyakojima ! (part.3)

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Banner Miyakojima

Already half of the trip... it goes fast !
The day before I asked to rent a bike at the guesthouse. They have 2 and lend them for free. After I got up around 7am, I went to pick up it around 8am. The first meters will make me understand that my day excursion all cycling, will not be the easiest thing : the saddle is too low and too rusty to turn the handle. Rust also prevented from turning the pedals correctly, to be short I knew I would have a hard time but I decided to follow the program I setted.
First, a place that I loved in 2011 and where I dreamed to come again :  Utopia Farm.
This is a fruits and tropical flowers plantation fully open to visitors.