My Japanese daily life #1

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I noticed there isn't enough of lifestyle blog posts here. After all, my title is also "daily life" and recently, I became addicted to this nice blog : Saraboy. it is a Swedish girl who talk about her daily life. it is very simple but very poetic. I love her blog so much !
So I want to post more lifestyle blog post, for example in between two posts about Fukuoka or travels.  It also allows me to squeeze places I like and other tips and talk about things that would not have merited a whole blog.

July is already ending. I didn't see the time passed at all. After an endless rainy season, summer has finally arrived in Fukuoka : two months of high temperatures, wet heat and sun that burns your skin. I sleep listening to the sweet sound of the fan and my laundry dries inside because I don't want my friends cicadas to sleep in them (you can feel the girl which was traumatized) .

Calendrier Yotsuba&!

Last weekend  I went to photograph the lotus at Maizuru Park. This place is definitely is a marvel in all seasons. This time I went just before sunset, the light was beautiful and there was nobody but me. Finding the flowers between the giant leaves was bathmat ! Many were quite far from the edge or hidden under leaves but I enjoyed the moment, it was really quiet. I like to walk alone, to have time to photograph what I like, sit on a bench to contemplate the landscape . These are small moments when I can be alone whith myself are precious because ...

Lotus au parc Maizuru, Fukuoka

Lotus au parc Maizuru, Fukuoka

Lotus au parc Maizuru, Fukuoka

... I am so busy at work ! Between my regular duties, call for bids, illustrations, emergencies, appointements with clients and other things, the days feel very short. My work is exciting and varied and my coworkers are so nice ! I was a bit anxious before starting this job but after a month I regret nothing : it was the best career choice I have ever made. I can't wait to show what I'm designing and make a proper blog spot about this new experience.
Few days ago, I went to a video shooting for the Fukuoka prefecture. We went to different places in the prefecture as Kurume city (久留米),  Hoshino mura town (星野村) or Yanagawa. Unlike the disappointment of the other time, I loved this day ! It must be because the media team is super nice and funny, it changes everything !

Tournage à Hoshino mura


Anguilles grillées à Yanagawa

Thé à Hoshino mura

On Sunday, Daisuke and I often go to the commercial district of Tenjin. We always eat out and since that day we both wanted pancakes, we went to Café del Sol, the most famous place of the city for this dessert.
The plates are downright huge: 2 large pancakes, a scoop of cream, one of ice and fruit bowl. I chose the  hot chocolate sauce pancakes and it costed me only 1150 yen, a reasonable price for the amount.
If Daisuke loved his panckaes, it was a more mixed picture for me since I found it all too sweet and not very good. The pancakes had a soft texture, it looked like souffles.
While waiting for our turn to enter the shop, I was joking saying that the most popular places were often expensive and not as tasty, like at the pies shop we tried this winter and who were not fanstastic.
However, the place has a really friendly atmosphere and if you like pancakes, it is a must to go.

Pancakes chez Cafe del sol, Fukuoka

Finally, here some photos of our day in Itoshima (糸島), the last town of the prefecture before arriving in Saga. In fact, we went in June but shhh.
Itoshima is reminiscent of the holiday : the sea is beautiful,  there are hills and there are a multitude of fields and rice fields. Greenery scenes are great !
We first went to the  Shiraito no taki waterfall (白糸の滝) where we ate nagashi somen (流しそうめん). These are thin noodles that you make slide on a handmade bamboo slide. The goal is to catch them with chopsticks before enjoyed eating them in a cold broth called mentsuyu (麺つゆ) with some onion and wasabi. We loved it so much we decided to buy the device to make it at home.

Nagashi sômen,Iitoshima
Nagasahi sômen
Mizu manju, Itoshima
Mizu manjû

Shiraito no taki, Itoshima

Before going  back, we made a brief stop on the married rocks "Sakurai Futamigaura" (二見ヶ浦) beach. There is also a floating torii, as there is in Miyajima (but less majestic) .
On this day, it was very hot and sunny so it was pretty crowded. I would like to go again at fall to enjoy quietly until sunset.

Sakurai Futamigaura, Itoshima

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