My Japanese daily life #1

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I noticed there isn't enough of lifestyle blog posts here. After all, my title is also "daily life" and recently, I became addicted to this nice blog : Saraboy. it is a Swedish girl who talk about her daily life. it is very simple but very poetic. I love her blog so much !
So I want to post more lifestyle blog post, for example in between two posts about Fukuoka or travels.  It also allows me to squeeze places I like and other tips and talk about things that would not have merited a whole blog.

July is already ending. I didn't see the time passed at all. After an endless rainy season, summer has finally arrived in Fukuoka : two months of high temperatures, wet heat and sun that burns your skin. I sleep listening to the sweet sound of the fan and my laundry dries inside because I don't want my friends cicadas to sleep in them (you can feel the girl which was traumatized) .

Calendrier Yotsuba&!

Holidays at Miyakojima ! (part.2)

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holidays in Miyakojima

First day on Miyakojima. I had a very defined program but a girl of the guesthouse wanted to join me so I had to adapt it a little...
At 8am, we took the bus to the small  Shimajiri (島尻) wharf with the aim to go to the tiny island of Ôgamijima (大神島) . From the nearest bus stop, we had only 14 minutes to reach the boat and was very fair. The driver advised us to call the pier saying that we arrived and through our call, they kindly waited for us 2 minutes.

Aso College Groupe - Japanese course

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When I first came to Fukuoka, I studied Japanese for 18 month at Aso College Group, a famous school, known all around western Japan. here is my experience.

Aso College Group - Fukuoka

I graduated in spring 2014 so some things may have changed since. 
Please confirm everything with school

Mikaeri falls hydrangea festival

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The second day ofmy holidays, I went to the next door prefecture Saga, just for a nice flower festival.

Entrance of the festival // 祭りの入り口
Hydrangea festival !
Saga is a small rural prefecture between Fukuoka and Nagasaki. Cataloged as the depths of Japan, TV shows make often fun of it and there are very few tourists. I myself never set footon Saga (except for a few changes of trains but it does not count). By searching on the internet, I discovered that there was a hydrangea festival every June. Not content to want to go because I am an absolute fan of these flowers, I discovered that it takes place at the Mikaeri Falls (見帰りの滝),which is part of the top 100 most beautifulJapanese waterfalls ranking.