I rediscovered Nagasaki

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Last Thursday, I finally quit my job. On Friday, I started what I call my "holidays marathon.
First step : Nagasaki city.

Nagasaki is a place I had visited in 2011. Despite a few things that left me some bitter memories (and which now seem futile), I really liked the atmosphere and architecture of this city. Of all the major cities in Kyushu, I think it is the one that has the most charm and I could not wait to go again.
This time, I wanted to focus on the southern part of the city where gather the Dutch-inspired neighborhoods, dozens of temples and shrines and streets full of small neighborhoods.

Bouée sur Dejima, Nagasaki

Interpreter, a first experience

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In early May, I was contacted by Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau (FCVB), asking me if I would be interested to work as an interpreter (French - Japanese) for a French guidebook (Petit Futé) that will come to the city.

Maps of Fukuoka / 福岡の地図