My Miyakojima trip (fall 2010)

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Miyakojima is surely one of my favorite places in Japan. This is an island of  in the middle of the archipelago of Okinawa. I went there two times : fall 2010 and summer 2011. In summer 2011, I had not been able to post pictures of the island because I formated my memory card but I took a lot of pictures in 2010. I hope to make you travel and you discover this beautiful island.

Miyakojima blue and Ogami island. / 噂の宮古島ブルーと大神島。
Sea color around Miyakojima is called Miyakojima blue. Far away is the tiny Ogami island.
 Sunayama beach. / 砂山ビーチ。
 Sunayama beach.

 Sunayama beach. / 砂山ビーチ。
 Sunayama beach

 Sunayama beach. / 砂山ビーチ。
 Sunayama beach
Maehama beach /  前浜ビーチ
Maehama beach is the most beautiful beach in Japan
Shisa (シーサー)
Shisa, the lion-dog is a very famous thing in Okinawa
Miyako poney. it is pretty rare to see it. Lucky !
Hibiscus  / ハイビスカス
Hibiscus are blooming all year around.
Miyako soba and jasmin tea / 宮古そばとさんぴん茶
Miyakojima's famous dishe is called Miyako soba. it is served with jasmin tea (sanpin-cha)
 (Higashi Hennnazaki light house /  東平安名崎の灯台。
 Higashi Hennnazaki light house
Some dead coral
Maehama beach's white sand. / 前は真ビーチの白砂。
Maehama beach's white sand
Higashi Hennnazaki cape / 東平安名崎
View from Higashi Hennnazaki cape
Kurima island from Maehama beach / 前は真ビーチから来間島。
Kurima island from Maehama beac
I hope this pictures will give you the idea to go to visit Miyakojima on your next Japan trip !

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