Fukuoka by night

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Recently, as I wanted to professionalize me, to increase the picture quality of the blog and to start my vlog (there is a new video online ! Check it out ! ), I decided to get a new camera. After many requests for advice, I set my heart for the Sony alpha a5000 .

Fukuoka Tower by night
Fukuoka Tower light up (from 7:30pm on this season)
I couldn't stand my little compact camera and therefore I was doing my photos to iPhone for a few months. I even lost the pleasure of taking pictures. But everything changed with my new friend that I had to send for repair ... after 3 days. While I was shooting my first video , my tripod fall down and the objective has been severely affected. Fortunately, despite what the store had told me , I was able to get it only 2 weeks later (they were saying not until mid-May) .

Since I 'm finally on holidays, I took advantage of this first day to train myself and and to try to understand my new friend's settings (I regret so much to not had listened my photography lessons in university!). After a rather disappointing morning (the weather was very nice so there was a very raw light that I do not know how to tame yet), I went outside for the second time at the end of the afternoon in order to shoot the sunset on Momochi hama,  the beach near Fukuoka tower.  I stayed a little longer to see what would be the quality pictures by night and I didn't be disappointed!

Here is a new aspect of Fukuoka that I had never shown you yet : Fukuoka by night. Enjoy !

Fukuoka Tower by night
I like its very geometric shape.

Fukuoka Tower by night

Fukuoka Tower from Muromi
Fukuoka Tower from Muromi bridge.

Hakata station
The big watch on Hakata station's facade.

Hakata station
Hakata's station.

Yodobashi camera in Hakata
Yodobashi is a must-to-go huge electronics shop. It is located behind Hakat's station.
Ramen shop Ichiran in Nakasu
Ichiran, the famous ramen chain. 
Hakata Canal City
Canal City, took from my secret spot.
Acros in Tenjin, Fukuoka
Acros and it's green facade.
Nakasu, central Fukuoka
Nakasu, the "hot" part of Fukuoka.

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