An afternoon in Space World

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After our ride to Kawachi Fuji-en we quietly back down to the rental car ship and decided to spend the rest of the day at the local amusement park : Space World.
Space World, Fukuoka
Entrance doors

Space World is THE amusement park of Fukuoka. Located in the city of Kita-Kyushu, it has a space theme. It opened 25 years ago but still attracts so many people, it is a popular place, especially for families and students. I never went yet so my bofriend Daisuke (born in this city) decided to take me there. As we arrived after 3pm, we were treated to cheaper tickets, yippee (more informations at theend of article)!

Because of the day and the time we arrived, we mainly did small attractions like cups, big wheel, small roller coaster, video attractions etc ... Daisuke made some games and we scoured the shops souvenirs before leaving to eat at the mall next door. It was a busy afternoon and we had a great time.
What I like in Japanese theme parks is its 90s carnival atmosphere. In addition to the rides, there are little games such as rifle shooting, ball games, artists, magicians and acrobats and, it is full of flashing neon lights.
World Space is no exception and we entered a deliciously nostalgic atmosphere.

And now, pictures ! 

Space World, Fukuoka - koinobori
It was the children day (kodomo no hi)
Space World, Fukuoka
A lot of cute erasers
Space World, Fukuoka
Space World, Fukuoka - souvenirs
I wanted this so badly

Space World, Fukuoka - souvenirs
The frog is cute

Space World, Fukuoka
This retro feeling !

Space World, Fukuoka
Space World, Fukuoka

Space World, Fukuoka

Space World, Fukuoka
From the big heel
Space World, Fukuoka
I wanted to visit the rocket
Space World, Fukuoka
You can come by UFO too
Space World, Fukuoka
The store manager is weird


SPACE WORLD (スペースワールド)
Adress  :
4-1-1 Higashida, Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture

Phone :

There is a lot of tickets price so for further informations, please consult their official web page.

Opening hours:
It depends of the day. Please consult their official web page.

Get off at the Space World station on Kagoshima line (45 minutes, 1100 yens from Hakata).

Official web page.

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