My Miyakojima trip (fall 2010)

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Miyakojima is surely one of my favorite places in Japan. This is an island of  in the middle of the archipelago of Okinawa. I went there two times : fall 2010 and summer 2011. In summer 2011, I had not been able to post pictures of the island because I formated my memory card but I took a lot of pictures in 2010. I hope to make you travel and you discover this beautiful island.

Miyakojima blue and Ogami island. / 噂の宮古島ブルーと大神島。
Sea color around Miyakojima is called Miyakojima blue. Far away is the tiny Ogami island.

The little things that make me happy

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My little moments of happiness in Japan.
point information de la gare d'Hakata
Find new interesting pamphlets at Hakata station's information center;

Hakata Port Tower

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In 2012, the smallest and least known of the two towers of Fukuoka was a 10 minute walk from my home. I thought it was a good starting point to visit the city and went many times. Here is my report of my visits。

Hakata Port Tower

An afternoon in Space World

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After our ride to Kawachi Fuji-en we quietly back down to the rental car ship and decided to spend the rest of the day at the local amusement park : Space World.
Space World, Fukuoka
Entrance doors

Under the wisteria tunnel, at Kawachi Fuji-en

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EDIT : since 2016, if you want to go on wisteria season you'll have to buy a ticket in advance in a combini, choosing your day and hour of visit. If not you won't be allowed to enter. It seems a bus is also running to the garden too.

Japan is very famous for cherry blossoms but before and after, there are also beautiful floral seasons. Camellias , plums , azaleas, wisteria, hydrangea and so on, they all adorn the landscape with their pretty colors.
Wisteria tunnel, Kawachi Fuji-en, Fukuoka, Japan
It is this way !

Fukuoka by night

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Recently, as I wanted to professionalize me, to increase the picture quality of the blog and to start my vlog (there is a new video online ! Check it out ! ), I decided to get a new camera. After many requests for advice, I set my heart for the Sony alpha a5000 .

Fukuoka Tower by night
Fukuoka Tower light up (from 7:30pm on this season)