Pinkberry's frozen yogurts

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Do you know frozen yogurts ? I tried this dessert for the first time last year, when I went to Huis Ten Bosch (a famous theme park in Nagasaki) and I loved it so much that I almost can't eat ice cream anymore. I was desperate to not be able to eat frozen yogurts in Fukuoka.
But, the famous californian brand Pinkberry open its second japanese shop in Fukuoka, inside the Ohori park.
What is better to eat a delicious frozen yogurt inside this lovely park ? I could go few weeks after its opening so let me introduce it !

Fukuoka's Pinkberry

My brand new Youtube channel

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Here we are ! I laucnh today my Youtube channel and my first video !

Since I have been denied to the Fukuoka Goodwill Ambassadors , I do not have to think to block my weekends for the followinf two years and as I bought a new camera, it was the perfect timing to launch this new activity. I present you ...
Click on the picture to go to the channel

Quiet time in a Japanese garden

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Enjoying an impromptu afternoon off, I went once again to Ohori Park, which is definitely one of my favorite places : I am going every week. From home, it takes about 40 minutes by foot or 15 minutes by bike. After my now customary walk around the lake, I went for the first time to the Japanese garden (Nihon teien 日本庭園). The cherry blossom season is almost over so the flow of tourists has endend and I almost had the garden for myself .

Jardin japonais du parc Ôhori, Fukuoka

A week under cherry blossoms

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The sakura (cherry blossom) season just ended in Fukuoka and many other places in Japan . This year, the weather was not kind with us at all and the blossom lasted just about a week which is very short. Here's a review of a week under the cherry trees in Fukuoka, from hatching until the end of the season.

Cherry flower "sakura"

Yanagawa canals

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Last Sunday, I finally got my revenge on Yanagawa ! I decided that we would go before the end of the Sagemon festival and this Sunday was the last chance. After a scare as we were expecting rain, we could enjoy a beautiful, warm day .

Kawa kudari, Yanagawa