What I like to eat in Japan

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Almost 3 years ago, I posted an article (not yet translated) talking about what I liked to buy at combini when I was traveling to Japan. Since then, my tastes have changed a little, I discovered new flavors, new products and I thought it was the right time to update this post.
Unlike the previous post, i won't present products available only at combini  I also included things that are not selled there, and I removed the drinks which I will talk in a separate post. Of course, I'm always talking about snacks or cookies and not about "real food".

Japanese snacks

When traveling in Japan, people tend to use these super practical mini supermarkets but when you live here, you realize that they are not so advantageous. of course it is open 24/24 and 7/7 and they offer a lot of services, but the products sold are more expensive than in supermarkets.
Now, when I go to combini, it is to pay my bills, print things, buy lunch when I work or when I am sightseeing. I am lucky to have a huge supermarket open 24/24 near my living place so when I have a sudden craving for cookies, I go there rather than fo downstairs to the  combini, even if it's a little further.

Here is a selection of products that I love and I would definitely recommend if you come to Japan !

jagabee, Japanese snacks

Elected by my boyfriend and I as the supreme snack, far surpassing all the other ones, jagabee are crips potetoes pieces. It is thicker and have a different texture than their cousins ​​the Jagariko : crispy outside but slightly melting inside. This is what makes me fond of it, this and its slightly salty taste. It comes in two flavors: classic (green packaging) and butter - soy sauce (red packaging). Sometimes, seasonal flavors are on sale.

Bought at : Sunny supermarket
Price : 102 yens

Maki  sea chicken mayo

My lunch best friend. I eat this maki almost everyday from Monday to Friday. The tuna and mayonnaise mixture is always a winner, impossible to be disappointed. I prefer it than the onigiri shaped one because the filling is much way better distributed.
The packaging open technique is unique and requires a bit of concentration at the start .

Bought at : Family Mart
Price : 110 yens

Peanuts chocolates, Japanese snacks

As the name suggests, these are chocolates with peanuts inside. It's just delicious, it only costs 100 yens and it is findable at almost all combinis so why not try it?

Bought at : Mini Stop
Price : 100 yens

Japanese bread, mini stop, ham and cheese

Before coming to Fukuoka, I had never been in the Mini Stop combini. There was one near my previous living place and a night when, tired of Lawson and Seven-Eleven products, I went for the first time to this combini. It was almost a revelation : I found best quality products and they all have a small space to sit down to eat quietly. I recommend their desserts (they are known for that), their french fries and fried chicken.
This small cheese and ham bread is sold only there. If I love the taste and softness, I do not like the floured on the top because it always falls down. This and Jagabee and it's almost paradise.

Bought at : Mini Stop
Price : 108 yens

Koala's march, cheesecake,  japanese snacks

Is it useful to present these cookies ? It is koalas shaped stuffed cookies and even if all kinds of perfumes are sold, the most frequent one are chocolate and strawberry.
I'm a big fan of cheese cake so it is for this taste which I bought. I didn't give a try yet but loving chocolate version and vanilla ice cream (summer taste) one, I do not think I will be disappointed .

Bought at : Sunny supermarket
Price : 87 yens

Vegi taberu, japanese snacks

The  Vegi taberu follow jagabee in my favorite snacks ranking. It is super light  5 vegetables crisps : less than 300 calories when other crips has nearly 400 calories. I like the well pronounced vegetables taste and the lightness : you can eat it without being hungry !

Bought at : Sunny supermarket
Price : 104 yens

Bourbon petit,  japanese snacks

Bourbon is a brand of small crips and cookies which offers a various kind of flavours. Salty or sweet, chocolate to shrimp, cheese to macha, you will find the one you prefer and it isn't expensive at all. My favorites ? Chocolate, wasabi- mayo and classic.

Bought at : Sunny supermarket
Price : 76 yens

Do you have favorite snacks here in Japan ? 

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