Ode to my daruma

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Illustration daruma

Daruma are whishing dolls or figurines rounded shaped. Daruma have no eyes. When one receives or buys one, it is a tradition to draw, in black ink, one of its 2 eyes while mentally whishing for something. If the wish comes true, the other eye is drawn. Otherwise people have to bring it to the temple to be burned.


I love these dools. No, I'm totally hooked ! They are able to give me a smile and I find them really cute, although, when I say that to a Japanese, I am gently mocked.
I don't care, I'm a super daruma fan, I want to live in a world full of daruma, I want plenty at home !
But I had a problem: I had no idea where I can buy them.I tried shrines, temples (apparently that's not where it is sold, at least in Fukuoka ) and tourist shops, I searched for weeks, months and nothing. I couldn't find a single daruma.

Then, one Sunday in January, I was shopping with  Daisuke in Incube (it is kind of Tokyu Hands for those who know,  they sell a bit of everything : stationery, games, dishes, beauty products and so on), when I saw that they were selling daruma !!!
Only 10 cm tall tiny darumas to giant ones, the selling corner was quite small but there was all kinds .
After hearing me saying 36,000 times "Kawaii ! Hoshii " (可愛い! 欲しい! : "It's so cute I want one" ), and looking at me going all crazy for 10 minutes, Daisuke gave up and force me to go to another department with a strong argument : "the price is not indicated , it must be super expensive " Indeed.

The story might have ended there  but when I had completely forgotten this story, Daisuke surprised me, offering me a giant daruma for White Day !! He remembered ... What a sweet and delicate attention, sasu ga (さすが, that's all him) !
I first jumped of joy watching the every angle of it ( the daruma, not Daisuke^^) then I draw his eye while making a wish. Until it comes true, I have fun with my daruma : I take pictures of it in front of my computer or with sunglasses.
If ever my wish does not come true (it better be realized), there is no way I'm going to burn it in a temple as tradition dictates : I like him too much for that .

Daisuke tried to scare me by telling me that, like dolls, daruma takes life when there is no one at home but it did not work (but he succeed with his stories about Japanese doll whose hair grows overnight) .

O my daruma, thanks to you, my daily life is a little more filled with joy !



Sailor Daruma
Sailor Daruma


Daruma au dodo

Daruma sur l'ordinateur
 I think it can make you a better idea of its size on this picture

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