What I like to eat in Japan

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Almost 3 years ago, I posted an article (not yet translated) talking about what I liked to buy at combini when I was traveling to Japan. Since then, my tastes have changed a little, I discovered new flavors, new products and I thought it was the right time to update this post.
Unlike the previous post, i won't present products available only at combini  I also included things that are not selled there, and I removed the drinks which I will talk in a separate post. Of course, I'm always talking about snacks or cookies and not about "real food".

Japanese snacks

Ode to my daruma

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Illustration daruma

Daruma are whishing dolls or figurines rounded shaped. Daruma have no eyes. When one receives or buys one, it is a tradition to draw, in black ink, one of its 2 eyes while mentally whishing for something. If the wish comes true, the other eye is drawn. Otherwise people have to bring it to the temple to be burned.

Few hours in Kokura

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From February until mid-March, the weather is not the greatest in Fukuoka : there are clouds almost everyday, days of rain and a cold wind is blowing. I don't like this time of a year, despite the pretty flowering plum trees.

On the first sunny day in weeks, I decided to enjoy it and treat myself a ride out of the town. I picked up my favorite guide book but I couldn't decide for ages so at that time it was already too late for one of the two options I was considering. I took the train early in the afternoon to the north of the prefecture, towards the town of Kita-Kyushu and its downtown : Kokura.

Ume ! Ume ! Ume !

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it became a habbit to post plum blossom flowerson this blog ! In my defense  I would say I love these flowers and their delicate scent : I don't get tired to walk amongst them and breathe their fragrance.

Because of last days lack of time and good weather, this year, I choose proximity and went to see the latest plum flowers at Maizuru park . Remember, this is the third year that I talk about this great place. It was the end of blossom season, many trees were already bare and / or with wilted flowers well . It remained still enough to have a beautiful view from the castle ruins.

To avoid overdose,  I also went in Daien -ji Temple (大圓寺) in Tojinmachi. I found this place in a Fukuoka guidebook and its 5 story pagoda intrigued me. Unfortunately, it is located on top of a not very pretty building. Normal, it was built in 1995, so it is very recent. The temple itself dates from 1060 but was destroyed twice by fire, the present building only dates "only" of 1607 .

The visit was a bit disappointing because, apart from the main temple, all the buildings are new and the atmosphere is not what I had imagined. There was also nobody to quench my curiosity about the history of the temple and which gods people pray here . Nevertheless, there is a nice little garden full of splashing carps and another temple just next door where you can admire a dry garden, all was not lost .

Maizuru Park