In Japan for another 5 years

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Early spring arrives and this season is for me a sign that I have to think about my residence permit renewal. After a few days filling all the papers and a short week and a half of waiting, I finally got to go get my new resident card.
Surprisingly, I got ... five years !

A five-year stay is difficult to get and usually can not be own before some renewals. In Japan, in the case of a working visa,  people can obtain a residence permit for one, three or five years. Last year, I had one year which is quite normal for the first time. For this renewal I asked for three years without really believing it, saying that at worst I would have one and if I 'm lucky three . I did not even think about five years.  When the person in immigration handed me my new card , saying " we made ​​you a card for five years," I could not believe it and had to take few seconds to react .

Tiny negative point (because there is always one) : I have my three names on the card. before I always had one.

It is difficult to find reliable informations about things residence permit renewal (or rather there are too many contradictory informations) and I was somewhat lost. After receiving some not very friendly answers on Twitter like "Please use Google" or "with a limited English of Japanese you can find all the informations that you want" from French who are set for a long time in Japan (I really hope I won't become like them), someone has kindly explained what I wanted to know , especially regarding tax statements. I can speak Japanese and understand English but when that key is as important and sensitive issue like visa, verify all information in French helps to reassure. Besides, I  was not the only one. tehre were few people on Twitter asking for the same things.

So, with this beautiful new card, I can stay in Japan until 2020 (it sounds far!). I have plenty of time to do a lot of projects, realize my plans and continue the promotion of Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association
Everything  started the day I wrote a message on the Facebook page of Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association  : Cross Road Fukuoka. What was my surprise to receiv an e-mail from one of their representatives, offering me to be their special correspondent. After a few emails exchanges, we agreed to an appointment and so I went to the prefecture building to meet different members of the team. My "work" is very simple. Basically  all I have to do is sharing my blog article on their Facebook page and answering customer questions if there are.
I want to clarify that I am not paid  have no reductions when I visit a place and still free to write what I want.

Guide touristique
For those who do not follow me on Twitter, this last December I started a new web project. Because my goal is to introduce Fukuoka to the world, I am creating  a travel guide about Fukuoka Prefecture. Entirely in French, it will be, I hope, a wealth of information about the region whether to travel there , live or study. I am pretty demanding and as I do not want to publish it as completely finished it takes a lot of my free time .

I was contacted by the Fukuoka Regional Partner of the English site Japan Travel. You should read some post made by me on the French version in few weeks.

As mentioned in a previous post, I would like to do somethematic videos either about Fukuoka or about my daily life. I want to have a better camera first so now I am browsing a lf of Youtube channels to try to find an original approach. Any ideas? Things you like to see?
Idol group
Following is my experience in ASO48, I really wanted to continue some idol work. In addition, it allowed me to combine it with the promotion of Fukuoka abroad (a foreign idol stands out, even in a small group, ). So I  auditionned for some local idols groups like LinQ and QunSun in the greatest secrecy (only my boyfriend and my mother knew).
As for LinQ, I passed the first two rounds but in the final interview, I was told that I would have to stop working because of rehearsals and concert tours (the group is quite popular). As it was obviously out of the question I did not respond.
 For QunQun, I passed all the rounds and I had to start today but last night, I sent an email saying that I finally changed my mind. In fact, for this group, the production company asked to pay 50,000 yen (over 500€) as entry fee + 40,000 yens per month for dance, vocals and so on lesson fees. An obviously overpriced budget.
So I completely abandoned the idea, experience idol will remain a beautiful memory.

As for now, this is all what I can talk about. For the otehr ones I prefer not to say anything because it is either under construction, in reflection, or is about to come out soon.
I'm busy and I love it! 2015 promises to be full of projects!

How about this posts?