A nice owl cafe : Fukurô no Mise

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Café à hiboux, Fukuoka

About one year after its opening, I could finally visit the owl cafe of Fukuoka (フクロウのみせ).Very popular because it is the only place of this kind in whole Kyushu, it was very crowded, especially on weekends, where people have to be in front of the cafe at 10AM to make sure having a reservation for the day (they do not accept reservation in advance).We totally forgot about this cafe until this Sunday. We were near the shop and decided to go. Fortunately, we could enter quickly.

A bit of love

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Last week was very hard for French people. Because we all need some love, travel with me to Fukuoka, to the Koinoki shrine (恋木神社).

Its name means "tree of love" and everything is done to make you remember that. This place is especially made for couples and girl looking for charming prince: ground patterns, ema (絵馬), posters, everything is red and full of hearts. There is even a special way to bend the prediction "omikuji" to have a shape of a heart and special marriage ceremonies for couples only (in Japan, we celebrated marriage with friends, coworkers and family).

This shrine is very cute and feminine. It is also very popular and noisy. Girls who visit the place are not quiet : camera sounds, "so cute" screams and so on. Surprisingly, the bigger shrine next to Koinoki, Mizuta Tenmangû, is a lot more quiet.

I went there by curiosity because I thought it was a very cute place and especially because everything but the shrine is closed for new year holidays. I wasn't expecting too much and I was right. The way from Fukuoka city was long and there is nothing around if you don't have a car. it must worth a visit for people who own a car or really looking for love but if not, I don't think it's worth it.

Here are some of the pictures I took. There are information on the shrine at the end of the article.

Mizuta tenmangu Fukuoka

The frightening Shime tower

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Tour de la mine de Shime, forteresse anti-zombie

Did you know that in Fukuoka, there is a worldwide known tower? Some coal winding tower is more known as Anti-Zombie Fortress and it is an internet favorite.