Fantasy Fukuoka

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Japanese people are really excellent when it comes to the illuminations. Everything is conscientiously decorated, cities are full of lights, colors and the shops BMG are Christmas songs! Fukuoka is not an exception. A lot of places were filled with tons of laughs, but, as every year, it is the front of Hakata station which was the most magic.

Exceptionally renamed,  this"city of lights" (光も街, hikari no machi) is decorated with more than  700 000 LED. This year, thema is "otoiro" (響彩) which means"echo". People in charge hopes that, as echo does, happiness will spread in the heart of people who come to see the illuminations.

It is pretty a success because the front of the station is crowded every night. There are hundred of curious taking pictures, even late in the evening, even on weekdays.
As for me, as soon as I arrive near the station and see the lights, my smile and my eyes are full of stars. I have the sensation to enter a fairy tale. It is just magic and, as every year, I fear the day when everything will be removed. But this day is not coming yet, so let's enjoy!

Hakata Fukuoka Illuminations 2014

Christmas afternoon tea at Moomin Cafe

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This sunday, I spend a lovely time at Fukuoka's Moomin Cafe !

Moomin Café, Fukuoka

In Fukuoka, we are privileged to have one of the three Moomin Cafe of Japan, the other two are in Tokyo. it is very well located, in the Canal City shopping center, which is half way between Hakata station and Tenjin.
Fukuoka's Moomin Cafe is not just a cafe, but also a souvenir shop and a bubble tea stand.

Nanzôin's great reclining Buddha

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I came back to Sasaguri town at the end of November to enjoy the last maple tree leaves and visit one of the local famous spots: Nanzoin temple and its giant reclining Buddha.

Nanzôin, Sasaguri, Fukuoka

Nanzoin is a huge temples ensemble. Everything was taken from Mount Koya (Wakayama prefecture) to Sasaguri town in 1889. It is the starting point of the Sasaguri Shikoku 88 temple pilgrim, inspired by the famous Shikoku 88 temple pilgrim. Smaller than its big brother (45km only), only 25 temples are "real temples".  The other ones are just little altars lost in the wood.
Sasaguri Shikoku pilgrim can be achieved in 3 days and every year more than one million people come to do it. It is the perfect place to try a pilgrim, don't you think?

Akizuki, Kyushu's little Kyoto

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Akizuki (秋月) is a small town in Asakura city, in the south part of Fukuoka prefecture and just near the Oita prefecture. The town is one of the numerous Japanese castle towns, but one of the oldest ones. Akizuki 's main sightseeing spot is the ruins of its old castle.
The town is also called "Kyushu's little Kyoto or "Chikuzen's little Kyoto". Each year, around 500,000 curious come to admire cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

Megane-bashi, Akizuki, ville d'Asakura, Fukuoka