The little japanese things that I couldn't live without anymore

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After a bit more than 2 years in Fukuoka and 6 trips to Japan, I thought I had seen everything and nothing could still surprise me in terms of the daily Japanese life. From supermarket's opening times to the train announcements, every single thing is made to make your daily life easier and nicer. All these little things, that seemed to be so insignificant at first, actually became things I couldn't live without.

kotatsu panda
my winter's best friend : panda kotatsu

Temperature controller
régulateur température
In my current place (as well as the previous one), when you open up the water, it's only cold. To be able to use the hot water, you need to press a little button on this panel which is on the wall.It allows you not to burn yourself (how many times did I burn myself with a bit of hot water left in the pimp), and also there is no need to wait forever in the shower to find the right temperature as you can choose it.The temperature cannot be lower than 37°C and the maximum is 75°C, in general I always put it between 37 to 39°C but my boyfriend can put it up to 48°C during the winter !

AmidoAmido (網戸) are the things placed outside the windows to stop the mosquitos to get in the place even if the window is open while you just change the air inside the apartment. I have a really bad phobia when it comes to bugs, especially cockroaches and these amido help me not to stand next to the window for hours to check if any bugs is trying to come in.

How amazing not to care about spilling water everywhere when you shower ! In my current place and most of Japanese houses, the bathroom is entirely waterproof ! How great is it not to pay attention not to spill water and how convenient is it to clean it up as you can just spray water everywhere !
I also love the Japanese washing ritual : you shower first outside the bathtub and once you're all clean, you can get in the hot bath, the hardest moment is to get out of it !

Drug stores
drug store japon
a drug store near my house
Japanese drug stores are the most convenient stores ever, often open until late in the evening or sometimes even open 24 hours a day, you can find any kind of toiletries, shampoos, shower gels, make up, cosmetics, cleaning products, medicines (without prescription), food, drinks.. etc, the choice is so impressive !
I love spending hours trying to choose the perfect shampoo or just quickly get there to buy some cleaning products on my way back from work!

Bath tube cover
baignoire japonaise

In order to keep the water in the bath hot, in Japan you can find this bath tub cover, made out of plastic you just roll it over the bath tub so the heat doesn't go away. As I am living by myself, I usually put it on while I fill up the bath. Once it's ready, I roll up the cover and put a warm towel on it and use it as a support for my head while I'm enjoying the warmness of the bath. When I don't actually use the bath, I'm just putting all my shower gels and other products on top of it.

Bills payment in combinis
Another really convenient thing, in Japan you can pay your bills in any type of combini. It is a bit annoying to remember/think about the payments deadlines but you can actually see how much you spend in comparison to paying them via online money transfer. Also I love collecting the little coupons that the combini staff cuts out of the bill receipt.

Seasonal products
In Japan, seasons are really distinctive  They are the same as in France but you can really tell the difference between each of them and they last 3 full months. Here everything is made for you to enjoy each season separately and wait for the next one to come. 

For example, the seasonal products are so popular. They are sold only during a limited amount of time and once it's over, they won't be sold before the following year. As an example among hundreds, at the moment there are a lot of products containing chestnut and pear, and these items won't be sold anymore within the next few weeks. They also adapt the packagings to the season, and as it is fall, everything is green, yellow, red,orange and there are a lot of leaves on potato chips packs and other cookies boxes.

Lots of foreigners living in Japan think it's noisy due to all the sounds surrounding us. As for myself I really use them as a way to get around, especially the ones near the crossing ways on the roads, at the bus stops, and the ones in the train stations; they are used to indicate stairs, or to make sure you've swiped your train pass, when the train's doors are about to close... etc. It is very comforting.Here is the one you can hear in Hakata station.

To conclude, I could use hundreds of other examples as combinis, Japanese customer service, Karaoke nights, but I wanted to talk about 'unusual' things. And yet, I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things!
Do you have any typical things from your adoption country that you couldn't get enough of? or any things that you've fell in love with while travelling ?

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