Momiji at Nomiyama Kannon Temple

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Last sunday I had a great time looking for ... momiji in the woods !


Autumn season in Japan is famous for its trees but especially the maple trees which gradually turn colours from green into yellow, then orange and finally burning red, all of this from September to December depending on the area. In Fukuoka, it usually happens from the beginning to the end of November, the best time being around the 20th. But this year, it seems to be a bit late.

The little japanese things that I couldn't live without anymore

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After a bit more than 2 years in Fukuoka and 6 trips to Japan, I thought I had seen everything and nothing could still surprise me in terms of the daily Japanese life. From supermarket's opening times to the train announcements, every single thing is made to make your daily life easier and nicer. All these little things, that seemed to be so insignificant at first, actually became things I couldn't live without.

kotatsu panda
my winter's best friend : panda kotatsu

Sunday at Umi no nakamichi

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Umi no nakamichi (海の中道) is a huge complex in the northeast of Fukuoka. It includes a large park, a zoo, a rose garden, some play areas for children, attractions, gardens, an aquarium and a swimming pool (open only in summer). This is a fantastic place where you can spend the day without getting bored.

After we payed 410 yens entrance fee, which allow to enter the complex (swimming pool, aquarium and attractions excluded), we started looking for the badging workshop which was offered for free this day. Unfortunately, it was already over so we headed to the big wheel (500 yens), where we admired the seasonal floral decorations .

Umi no naka-michi toboggans